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Sun, Aug 15 2021 7:01 PM (32 replies)
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    the bump thread - THE BUMP THREAD H7EJQnf

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     Paul Sun 2 Oct 2016 - 13:54

        If you are looking for a multi player match with someone . There are members that like to do that . But finding yourself online at the same time and getting their attention is one of the hardest things to do . 
       IMO is also one of the most beneficial features . Multi player matches . They include head to head match play . In which all the way up to the Level of Legend . Has a special WGT average advance feature . that automatically lowers your average by 2 or 3 points by winning a match play round against a tier higher than yourself . An average drop that would normally take up and more than 30 stroke ranked rounds to drop . 
        The other formats of multi player are alt shot , which is 2 player team play in match play format , players alternating shots . Only fun and sociable . Rounds do not count in any way . 
        The most popular format for multi player would be stroke play . When 2 , 3 , and 4 player matches are ranked and counted . Good competitive golf with others that can help push your limits , make you laugh , or piss you the fck off . All good experience . 
       Commonly when preparing to play multi player . One would check their friends list to see if anyone was green . Then go to the game client and choose " create a game " . Choose the type of format stroke , match , alt shot . Choose the course , set the time clock 90 secs recommended 60 sec default . Click " create " choose players from your friends list that are green , type a players name in manually , choose the " best choice " option , or choose the " any player " option . wait for responses . Then tee off . 
        The other multiplayer feature is the " find a game " option in the game client . Click find a game . Choose a format stroke , match , alt shot . Pick a course and holes fr 9 , bk 9 , full 18 . Pick a tier level limit , Click find and the automated game finder will start spinning and searching for your game specifics . The player responses will show up . Once you have the amount of players you want . Tee off . The round will start and the other opponents will be complete strangers . At the tier level limit that you chose or below . The smartest thing to do next is introduce yourself . Be confident . Tee off . And Kick Ass . This can be a very exciting challenge . the competition will be fierce . And if you can establish a rapport with any of the players , that is even better . Assuming they speak English . Lol . IMO the best format available here . You don't want to waste your time . So you are forced to handle the pressure of performing . You don't want to look a fool and get embarrassed . You play like there is no tomorrow . Show your best game . become a better player for it .

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    WGT forgot to tell the Mobile World about the WGT Universe and That there was an already established protocol for tiering up , upgrading equipment , lowering ones average , collecting and improving statistics , etc

    The key is playing those Ranked Rounds . Play them religiously . Play them like there is no tomorrow . Play them like they're going out of style . 

      Once you attain saturation at each tier . All rounds with a score higher than your average . Automatically get discarded . THEY DO NOT COUNT . Once you are saturated .
      But during the climb in each tier to saturation . Rounds completed higher than your average . Will raise your average . That's the way it works .
      That is why the Single Player Unlimited Play Stroke Play tiered format was introduced .

    More on  lowering ones average .

    As far as playing to lower your average and move up in tier . The CC unlimited play single player round is by far the best format . 
       The unlimited play format means . That one can play a round over and over . One can finish that round , which will make it count . Both on your average and in game completion . Then if you don't like the score you can play it again . 
       But the proper way to utilize the unlimited play format to your advantage . Is to end the round before the 9th or the 18th hole . You do this by either just ending the round and replaying it at another time . Or the proper way is to click the menu and click " restart " . That is only available in these unlimited play rounds . Whether you just end the round before it is over or click " restart " . It will not effect your game completion percentage . You can do this as many times as you want . Before the end of the round . The only round that counts is the one you finish . 
       So technically and hypothetically you could play until you got a score lower than your average . Finish the round that is lower than your average . ( this is if you are not saturated . ) Then your average will only go down .
       If you are saturated in your tier . None of this matters . Because any score above your average is thrown out , will not count in any format . 

      So anyway what this means is that you are already playing a custom made CC tourney . Custom made to your liking by our very good tourney makers . If you do not find formats and features that you like . Ask them to make them , or make it yourself . 

      So the various custom features make the tournament much more fun than just default WGT settings . So the custom features and the unlimited play " restart " feature . Allow you to play more times . Helping you to learn the course better enabling you to hone your skills .

      You may not be able to beat your average . But you can play a few times until you get a reasonable score that you can live with . Complete the round . Then go play another course a few times until you get a score you like on that one . 

      Remember . If you play a course 23 times . And on each time you restarted before the end of the 9th or the 18th holes . Those rounds do not count at all . Even if you never finish the round . None of them will count . 

      If you have a good score on your 24th try and you finish that round . It will count . The only one that will count . 
      This is the best way to prepare oneself for the tougher features of play in the WGT tourneys . And the very tough multi player stroke play rounds with players of your tiers from all over WGT . Where you want to perform well . You don't get to restart in those . They count in every way .


    Stroke Play Score Average
    Best 9-Hole Round
    Best 18-Hole Round
    Total Ranked Rounds Played
    Total Holes-In-One
    Total Double Eagles
    Total Eagles
    Total Birdies
    Total Pars
    Total Bogeys
    Total Double Bogeys
    Total Others
    Par 3 Score Avg.
    Par 4 Score Avg.
    Par 5 Score Avg.
    Skill Challenge Avg. Score
    Longest Drive
    Avg. Driving Distance
    Driving Accuracy


    Green in Regulation %
    Avg. Distance to Pin
    Holed Approach Shots
    Sand Save %
    Scrambling %

    Total Putts

    Career Earnings
    Stroke Play Tournaments Entered
    Stroke Play Score Average
    Stroke Play Top 10 Finishes
    Stroke Play Top 100 Finishes
    Total Ranked Rounds Played
    Skill Challenge Tournaments Entered
    Skill Challenge Top 10 Finishes
    Skill Challenge Top 100 Finishes
    Match Play

    VS. Hack
    VS. Amateur
    VS. Pro
    VS. Tour Pro
    VS. Master
    VS. Tour Master
    VS. Legend
    VS. Tour Legend

    VS. Champion

    Alternate Shot

    Master Your Game
    Longest Putt Made
    Putting Avg. Per Hole
    Putting Avg. Per Round
    One Putt %
    Two Putt %
    Three Putts or More %
    % Putts Made from 0 - 5 Feet
    % Putts Made from 5 - 10 Feet
    % Putts Made from 10 -25 Feet
    % Putts Made from 25 - 50 Feet
    % Putts Made from 50+ Feet

      I have become very interested in this new crop of players transitioning from Mobile to .This group has become very skilled . Even with their tiering and averages all over the place .

      This is the result of WGT not informing these newer Mobile players of the


      No mention to them about ranked rounds . Or even that they can find information at .

      It has created a huge disparity . These highly skilled players are starting to find this missing information that will allow them to lower their averages , tier up properly , and acquire better equipment .

      Once all that starts leveling out . I foresee a huge presence of a new better generation of players . Probably take a few years .