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Sun, Jan 22 2023 11:11 AM (34 replies)
  • SimonTheBeetle
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    Sun, Jul 5 2020 7:26 PM


      Simon . Here is a better list .

    Whoa! Even more! LOL Thanks, mate.

  • el3n1
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    Mon, Jul 6 2020 9:36 AM

    I have wondered if someone had worked on something along these lines... but my mind prefers to see things a little more organized ... and it would also make certain threads or topics more easily found in a search.

    Some topics have multiple threads ... so I often wondered if someone created a list of various categories rather than one long list... such that doing a search on "putting" for example would bring a thread on Putting with a list of various putting threads versus trying to dig up multiple searches and finding what to sort through.

    I believe the thread topic would need to focus on the most common searches and then within each of those common searches a List could be found of various threads or discussions on those topics.

    some obvious examples:

    Putting tips thread (sub categories... speed control, aiming, ding vs miss ding)

    Approach shots - shreadsheet calculations

    Managing Winds - distance and aiming

    Short Game approaches (pitch / flop / punch shots)

    VEM - Variance and UFO's

    A - Z - some of the best discussions or humorous threads


    Of course even a thread like the one you started could contain the list of each of these and more topics..  Unfortunately.. I am certain there are things I haven't come across and others who have been around a lot longer than me.  I did do a bit of research to learn the game so anything I have collected I would be happy to share...

    Here are some samples of Putting threads I collected and looked at:

     A few putting links: Tekoma - JCSneed - StoneCold Nivlac - Young46 - AgentBrown123 -  Naturali  - 11BC2appears to be removed) - Gold's (old one April 2012 I hadn't seen but haven't tested)  -  ???Simple   - newer version of JC Sneed on ipad by babzilla33 



  • callaghan159
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    Mon, Jul 6 2020 3:38 PM

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    It is hurricane season in the USA is it not. Could be part of your problem.

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    Probably explains why A/S games are hard to come by lately.


  • el3n1
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    Mon, Jul 6 2020 7:49 PM


    So even though I am a big proponent for specific LISTS . Keeping them current isn't easy and comes with a price ,

    No doubt, lot of info there.  Another one might be links to the various shot / wind calculators.... pinhunters version, Bilkos, Kats, plus the various options shared by players to do calcs quick mentally or on a calculator.... versus using complex spreadsheets.

    But yes... some topics are not as common... but for those that are... could save time.  But then maybe the search is part of the journey...