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Is this game fixed

Sun, Apr 11 2021 7:06 PM (42 replies)
  • Mythanatos
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    Wed, Mar 24 2021 11:10 AM


    On the topic of videos, what videos? I play on my PC and there are no videos in the tab.I took part in the questionares initially, until my inbox was so flooded with difficult to unsubscibe spam that I scotched that method. Besides, I heard the videos are only worth 2 credits a viewing. Pretty lousy, really. So far, to be fair, I've taken adantage of the free club hire periods. They're good.
    Could I suggest a couple of things? In the head to head rooms, is it possible to better match players based on their clubs? Paticularly driver and wood distances? And, despite WGT being a "for profit" organisation, could you PLEASE bring the price of balls to within reach of more players. Especially as they have a finite life. Actually, this is one area where WGT has the physics of wear and tear on balls right. But in reality they are a very affordable item.

    2 credits per video. Up to 150 credits a day. That's the cap.

    can watch videos on multiple devices. So with a couple old phones just on a wifi connection. your current phone and maybe a tablet this can be done in 10 minutes or so.

    can do it while watching something on TV or whatever else time of day you need to kill some time.

    Between the videos and showdowns I haven't had a reason to buy credits in over three years.  

    I have 221 golf balls in inventory. No new clubs to buy. I pay for the premier because I always have the credits and don't have much else to spend them on.

    150cr/day x7 days= 1050 cr per week.

    150 x 365= 54,750cr per year.


    even if don't do it every day you should probably get between 45k and 50k a year in credits. more than enough to not have to spend a dime on this game.  Just takes a little bit of time a day.

  • ichott
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    Wed, Mar 24 2021 1:36 PM

    To the OP:

    of course it is but no more than life itself and what’s more you know it so why are you asking?

     but have never had the inclination to spend money on it because it lacks consistency; ”

    you’ve said it! The INconsistancy comes from not spending money on better equipment just like real life!

    I just do not know what sort of response you are looking for that will help, perhaps you can enlighten us?

  • downunderkid
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    Sun, Apr 11 2021 7:06 PM

    you are very close more shots = more ball purchases spending a lot of money wont help but playing a lot will help just remember its entertainment for us a business for wgt 

    this new version has been a big leveler for the game everyone gets a equal chance of beating higher tier players and they don't like it i get more forfeit's from higher tier players than lower ones loving it