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Limited Credit Videos

Sun, Jul 9 2023 7:30 PM (416 replies)
  • DonCaron
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 4:14 AM


    I'm waiting for the 2 credit videos to be changed to a 1 credit video. Bound to happen but I hope not.

    I stopped doing videos when it changed from 5 to 3 credits and then 2 credits. Not worth it anymore.

  • andwhy67
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 4:23 AM

    I stopped doing videos when it changed from 5 to 3 credits and then 2 credits. Not worth it anymore.

    well it obviously was for the ones that used these so called ‘bots’ to earn, apparently while they slept.

    I like a few on here used a couple devices, I would go through weeks of not doing any, and then have a bit of a blitz so to speak. And like many others, noticed the change after the update.

    As things stand, I’ve got a stash of credits and stashes of balls.

    I did last Christmas and in July, and throughout the year, I’m sorry but no more  gifting from me.....times are hard now ­čśé

  • terwyl1
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 5:26 AM

    To be honest I am surprised that suppliers want to 'pay per click' for these videos anyway. You see the same videos a thousand times, and you probably make a decision on downloading any in the first few times you see them.

    It is a bit like professional sport these days, they pay the players and managers ludicrous amounts of money, push up ticket prices and then are surprised when demand falls. It is a shame that we cannot have a one year worldwide ban on TV sport, thus fundamentally hitting TV income massively to bring these spoilt brats down to earth. Why should some of these childish morons become millionaires for very moderate performances. 

    WGT is rather similar in that we members cannot expect to 'earn credits' to an extent where no cash is paid to WGT. On the other hand they then should not charge grossly inflated amounts for equipment and balls.; I mean come on over $11 for a sleeve of 3 balls for a computer game. $47 for a set of irons, is a lot of money for some people and just cannot be condoned. 

    I wonder about the ultimate demise of this site in about 18 months time, since a lot of people do not fancy the alternative to browser with Flash usage.  

  • RonaldReagan40
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 5:43 AM

    I see my clash participation dropping to zero. Turf war participation will be limited to big wars only. This will all make my wife very happy. Happy wife, happy life. Thank you, wgt. 

  • msb1977
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 5:48 AM

    WGT Champion,

    I am a Director at The BattleField CC. We are one of WGTs top 10 clubs in both Turf War and Clash. I completely understand the need to eliminate excessive abuse of free credit advertisements. WGT must perform their due diligence or risk being held legally liable for being complicit in defrauding the advertisers. Being fully transparent, I am not innocent in this matter either.

    That said, limiting free credits to only 150 per day (75 videos) without lowering price points on country club passes, equipment, and balls is asinine. Does WGT have any plans to make the game we all enjoy affordable? 

    One sleeve of top end balls costs $13 for about 300 hits (assuming you don’t lose a ball). 50 passes costs $17. 

    For the best players, one turf war is roughly 2 sleeves and 50 passes. That’s $43 every couple days offset by a measly 300 credits. 

    Then there is clash every 2 weeks. The top clubs play hundreds of country club passes and countless sleeves of balls. The clash awards, quite frankly, are horrendous and I am a member of a club that finishes top 10 every clash. It is easy for one player to expend well over $50 on a single clash. 

    This doesn’t even count general play in tournaments, spending passes to start a turf war, and non-sanctioned matches between clubs/friends. 

    How does WGT plan to address the price point issue? Without the ability to watch videos for free credits at an acceptable rate, the game is no longer affordable for the vast majority of people. I thoroughly enjoy Clash and Turf War, but my participation will now be scaled back significantly until WGT begins thinking of their customers rather than greedy, ridiculous profit margins.



  • RickRR
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 6:33 AM

    There is more to this change. To ensure you don't exceed the credit limit, WGT has now implemented a new program called "Watch but don't get Paid"...  lol  I have been watching videos for the last 30 minutes, my balance at the start was 249 and it is still 249 30 minutes later. And now I received a message from WGT  - "SORRY No Videos are currently available." So it is back to WGT rock balls.. It doesn't really matter, I am not that good and I don't compete for credits. Just thought it was interesting that I watch videos and don't receive credits.. Could be worse my best dog could have died..

  • Goedemoed
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 7:09 AM

    Much of the decision doesn't make sense to me. Because of a number of "oportunists" that found a loophole to abuse the system, the majority of members (supporters, wgt salary suppliers etc) gets punished.

    To limit the amount of Cr via watching videos to 150 Cr per profile is to some extent a slap in the face of the company's clients. I can understand the need to put a limit on it, but still keep it worth my while and adjust the limit to say 1000 Cr per profile per day.

    Working on a limited budget per month (with an exchange rate of almost 16 to a dollar) I and many others are dependent on Cr via videos. This will either force me to play with cheaper balls, play less games, abort clash and turf war participation and no Ready Go entries. These are the factors that keep me interested in playing and my appetite for the game will surely decrease if I'm not able to take part in these events or have to do so with inferior equipment that keeps me from being competitive.

    Maybe wgt can at least reconsider the 150 Cr cap and increase that to allow us to still be interested in supporting their business.

  • Jeff052551
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 7:09 AM
    14 hours since I hit 150 credit limit. When does it reset?
  • binkybaxter1
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 8:37 AM


    75 vids watched 150crs gained (wgt get their slice from advertisers).

    next 75 videos watched (wgt still taking their slice) and NO credits to the player/watcher.

    what we call HAVING YOUR CAKE AND EATING IT....or THEFT?


    time to give those advertisers a bell ;-)
  • MattSutherland
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 8:45 AM

    It's concerning that the mobile platform still allows users to endlessly watch videos along with the promise of continuing to earn 2 credits by doing so. Because based on your post, it sounds like WGT isn't severing its relationship with Unity and its advertising partners. So technically, you're still making money from ad views without following through on the stated return. That's extraordinarily unethical.