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Limited Credit Videos

Sun, Jul 9 2023 7:30 PM (416 replies)
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    Wed, Nov 20 2019 7:31 PM

    my wife has wanted me to 'get a life' outside of golf..

    Might be that time..

  • CurtPick
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    Wed, Nov 20 2019 9:51 PM

    So some who cheated you gets those of us who play according to YOUR rules gets screwed. Look at the amount of money I spent. That will now come to an end. Your reasoning smells like another money grab to force people to spend real cash to even compete. Shame that it's come to this. I was willing to give up some cash if there was a chance to get free credits also. As it stands don't count on my revenues any longer.

  • JimbeauC
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    Wed, Nov 20 2019 10:21 PM

    It may have been Unity that requested it.

    Interesting thought. We really have no way of knowing how it all works. Seems to me that limiting the views/pays has to hurt someone, other than the obvious us.

    I just tried another session after a few hours and a WGT day break. Nope, still limited to the 150. If it's 150 per day, my philanthropy is done. Just me for me. 

    To those in my CC with credits in the bank, no worries. Got it covered for now. 

  • DoctorLarry
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    Wed, Nov 20 2019 10:56 PM

    I seriously have to laugh at those that moan about how much they "spent" on gifts for others using the free credits and how they may not be able to "spend" as much now.

    The abusers of a system cause changes in the system to reduce abuse.

    For me, I would rather WGT had restricted accounts to no more than one login at a time.  At least then they could then assure the advertisers that there was a chance that their video was being watched.

  • birchi
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    Wed, Nov 20 2019 11:11 PM

    Sucks that the people farming the credits ruin it for the rest of everyone else. If that's not just a welcome excuse to get everyone to actually pay for their equipment which would be more in line with recent developments; price structure of balls and Ready Gos are the most obvious examples. Which would be fine of course, WGT's a business after all.

    I wasn't aware how many people depend on watching these videos to pay for their equipment.

    @Champ: Judging from your comment, you're apparently tracking individual players' use of this tool. Wouldn't it be the better option to establish a rule that prohibits "credit mining" and ban players' accounts for digressions? That way players who actually spend a lot of time watching the actual videos to pay for their balls/equipment or to help out others even, would not be punished. 

  • carlosdev
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 12:01 AM

    If my memory serves right, 2 years before it was kinda limited to 70 to 80 credits per hour n it was not a bad idea for those who depended completely on videos to buy clubs n balls.

    I agree, manipulation of credits was on a high scale ratio, but you gotta cut some slack for these crazy prize range of balls n clubs. oo.. I know.. there are balls starting from 10cr too . ;) ;) Just saying.. Cant blame people either!!! :) :) 

    Having said that, this new rule put into action will be a big blow to those who were making money even when they were sleeping. Will see couple of extra people leaving too apart from the new obvious reason of WGT Launcher. 

    - Carl 

  • harpski1
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 1:36 AM

    Basically the mining of credits was forced upon cc's wanting to compete in the clash. The format for that competition is fundamentaly flawed, the only way to compete is to fund thousands and thousands of cc passes. Ain't no-one paying for that from thier own pocket. 

    You built a competition that was not skill based but win by numbers. So to get the numbers people have to come up with inventive ways to get those numbers. 

    You still insist on rolling it out fortnightly with no change to the format. Ridiculous low value prizes for the effort and credits used. 

    You created a monster that eventually has proven to eat itself. 

    You need to pay attention to what the community is asking for and listen more. Get someone on the Facebook page too to answer questions. Your missing valuable customer input there.

    The mining of credits was a reaction to your stupid competition set up. Simple. 

  • Robbob1970
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 2:01 AM

    Remember once upon a time you walked into a gaming store, paid your $79 got the game complete, lock stock and barrel. All you had to do was level up and you got the rewards. No cost no nothing. I paid $180 for my premium membership and what do I get - nothing. Shame on society for letting greed take over, shame on topgolf for promoting greed. Shame, shame, shame!


  • callaghan159
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 2:36 AM

    I'm waiting for the 2 credit videos to be changed to a 1 credit video. Bound to happen but I hope not.

  • Joesgarage2
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 2:41 AM

    Well, even worse, since yesterday I do not get any credit at all, although I can (up to the limit) click on the watch video button and watch...


    Not fair at all...