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Golf with mrcaddie IRL- Spring 2018

Sun, Jun 3 2018 6:24 PM (120 replies)
  • YankeeJim
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    Tue, May 1 2018 10:41 AM

    If the card shows you having scored 55 then I for one will be suspicious  :))

    LOL. That ain't what he's editing. MBaggese sent us a "have a good time" text with picture and when Wayne asked me to send it to him I told him to be careful and not get banned. You get to imagine what he sent and I'm curious to see what Wayne has cooked up.  :-D

  • MainzMan
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    Tue, May 1 2018 11:28 AM

    OMG. If Bags sent you something including a picture then I figure there may have been more than Titleist balls on display  : ))

  • YankeeJim
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    Tue, May 1 2018 11:55 AM

    LMAO. It was a salute to the fine gents at the table.  :-D

  • mrcaddie
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    Tue, May 1 2018 3:44 PM

    It was fun.


    The End.

  • mrcaddie
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    Tue, May 1 2018 8:16 PM

    Here we go-

    As always, at least for me anyway, getting together with anyone from WGT is always a treat, and getting to play golf IRL at the same time is icing on the cake.

    Most of you know the backstory so I won't bore you with that. I'll separate this writing into 3 short stories- Thursday Golf, Thursday Dinner and Friday Golf. Please forgive me for the pictures, but the weather and the course conditions weren't conducive to ideal picture taking.

    Thursday Golf- Leatherstocking Golf Course

    Spring hasn't sprung here in the northeastern part of the U.S., it's twenty degrees colder than it should be and so we were prepared for that...and let's just say Mother Nature didn't disappoint. It was about 52 degrees F at tee time, very cloudy and breezy...lucky for us, it didn't rain though.

    The course sits on a huge lake anchored by a very large, elegant hotel (not my pics)-



    with a museum across the street and another next door. The course is beautiful...or should I say, it's probably beautiful, but we wouldn't know that because we walked and drove our carts through about an inch of water and mud for the entire day.

    The pictures I took do not do the place justice, but if it was'd be looking at some great shots.

    Our golf game was OK, given the conditions. Yankeejim posted this about plugging our drives before we went to play-


    but he didn't know what he was talking about, because although it took Lou a little while to figure out how to unplug this shot from a 12 inch thick granite step-

    he managed just fine. And it only took two grown men 10 minutes to find and extricate this drive from the fairway-

    There were two real memorable holes from our outing at Leatherstocking and here is one of them. It's 128 yrds, par 3, straight down from a very elevated tee (the pictures and graphics tell the story)-

    Yep, fun was had by all on that one.

    The 18th hole at Leatherstocking is their signature hole. It's a 505 yrd par 5 from an island tee that brings you to the back of the hotel. You drive the golf cart about 100 yards from the 17th green over water (the lake) to get to the 18th tee. Again, my pics don't do it justice, but here is what it looks like-


    So, did we have fun on Thursday? Of course we did. It didn't hurt that I matched North Korea's late leader Kim Jong Il's magical round of -38 under par for a 34. I'm sure the other guys were a little ticked off, but they kept their cool.

    In closing, even after my great round I was really pizzed off that when we got off the course at 5:20 p.m. that the pro-shop was closed!! I was really bummed that I couldn't buy any swag from Leatherstocking to send out to you guys, so there will be no gifts being sent from there...bummer. Next.

    Thursday Dinner- Enter Yankeejim and drmoose

    OK, here is where the fun continues. So, I get a text from Yankeejim on the 18th at Leatherstocking saying he and Doc are at the hotel kicking back some Old Thompson in Doc's room. I tell him we're on 18 and should be there in about an hour.

    Erik and I make make the drive to our hotel, the same hotel Jim and Doc are staying at (Lou and David are staying just up the street). We pull up and we see these two guys standing outside smoking butts (I'm a smoker too, but trying to quit) and holding those red plastic cups you see at frat parties, and I'm thinking, "Is that Jim and Doc?"...and then I see it...the NY Yankees jacket...yep, that's them. Erik and I check in and meet them in Doc's room (207) in 30 mins.

    These guys are GREAT, they couldn't have been nicer, we hit it off immediately and knew a good time was going to be had by all. Doc has a bar and snacks all set up, he also has a gift that Opy sent him laid out on the bed for all to see. It's a putter of some sort, but one that can be used as a weapon if someone breaks into your home (you have to ask Opy about the history of it). Here is Doc giving it a swing-

    After a few drinks we headed off to dinner at Sloans. Erik and I had an errand to run and then we met up with Lou, David, Jim and Doc for dinner and drinks. Dinner was great and we raised our glasses more than once to Andyson and Shovlovin.

    Lou was hungry-

    No, I mean really hungry-

    Unbeknownst to all except Erik, docmoose's birthday was the day before we had dinner and the errand Erik and had to run was to pick up a birthday cake that I ordered a month in advance for Doc-

    Happy Birthday Doc!!!

    At the end of dinner I broke out a little gift I had made for all those in attendance, it was a baseball cap commemorating our trip to Cooperstown. Although the design may look like it comes from WGT, it's just a design with the initials of my name...WGT jr. Yes, the initials of my name are actually WGT jr.

    Here is what everyone took home with them-




    Sorry guys/gals...I have to finish this post tomorrow's too late and too lengthy.

    Forgive me for the typos.



  • bery111
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    Wed, May 2 2018 6:08 AM

    Enjoyed reading that and seeing the pictures! Surprised Doc didn't turn up with his space suit on! ;) Glad you all had a good time, and thanks for commemorating Dennis (Andyson) and Brian (Shovlovin). That means so much to a lot of people on here.

  • mrcaddie
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    Wed, May 2 2018 5:02 PM

    Just spent two hours posting my final comments and pictures and my post just disappeared. WTF?

    Sorry all, I'll try again tomorrow.

  • lvietri
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    Wed, May 2 2018 5:28 PM

    I'm still hungry !!!!!!   Hell ... I'm always hungry !!!!!!!   

    That was a 3 pound tomahawk steak (bone in rib eye ... fabulous) ... 

    My thoughts:    I had a great time once again with Wayne and Eric.   Always fun to get on the course with them.  For those of you wondering how this trip came to pass ..

    In 2015 I met Wayne when BeachedMulligan (Ryan) and I set up a game at Casperkill in Poughkeepsie NY ... Fuzzygazz (Gary) filled out our foursome and we had a great round.  Gary and I had met several years ago with a few of the other Dev's (Claremoreblue, Lilrob and Vabighack) met in Roanoke VA for 3 days of golf. 

    In 2016 Ryan moved to Florida so Eric joined Wayne, Gary and I and we played Great River in Connecticut.   Fabulous tough ass course.

    Last year Gary couldn't make it so my buddy David and I met Wayne and Eric at Bethpage and played the Red course .. (I'm too old and fat to walk the Black .. but Red's pretty dam hard in it's own right.)  I think it's the 2nd best of the 5 courses at Bethpage.

    Looking forward to meeting up maybe in the fall and losing a few more balls (I actually only lost 1) 

    PS:  Don't get into Yankee trivia with Jim .. he'll blow you away

    PSS:  Speaking of blowing ... DocMoose did blow out the candles and ... did NOT spit on the cake.   It was a clean blow job !!!!!


  • bigcountry317
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    Wed, May 2 2018 10:19 PM

    PSS:  Speaking of blowing ... DocMoose did blow out the candles and ... did NOT spit on the cake.   It was a clean blow job !!!!!

    Post of the year right there lmao!

  • txzdave
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    Thu, May 3 2018 12:43 AM

         I Love all of You.       Great stuff.