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Golf with mrcaddie IRL- Spring 2018

Sun, Jun 3 2018 6:24 PM (120 replies)
  • conveyorguy
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    Thu, Apr 26 2018 4:59 PM


    I not be there with you . But I am having a drink with you as if I were . 


    Well then the next round's on me :)

  • YankeeJim
    25,827 Posts
    Thu, Apr 26 2018 7:49 PM

    What a time! Huge success hooking up and Wayne (MrCaddie) breaks out with an awesome souvenir-a custom hat that I'd show you but this bs hotel wifi connection sucks. Meh, gotta wait until I get a real connection.

    Total good time and hope to do it again next year.  :-)


    *edit--Got it!  Wifi decided to cooperate.  :-)

  • renniw52
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    Fri, Apr 27 2018 6:38 AM

     Glad to see you guys having a great time. I would of loved to have been there and met you all.

  • conveyorguy
    778 Posts
    Fri, Apr 27 2018 1:13 PM

    That's just awesome..Wayne does it again !

  • drmoose
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    Sat, Apr 28 2018 4:36 AM

    This just in ...

     Suspicions of an alleged meeting between certain WGT interweb factions were confirmed Thursday, according to sources who wish to remain anonymous.

     Several of these high level WGT players were seen in and around the Cooperstown NY area, where it is believed that, alcohol may have been consumed, stories may have been told, and, matters WGT related and otherwise, may have been discussed.

     In accordance with WGT terms and conditions, while I am not at liberty to disclose their identities, I would like to state, for the record, it was a distinct pleasure to meet with these gentlemen, reminisce over those who have gone before us, and carry on in good company.

    Doc :)


  • kavvz
    2,195 Posts
    Sat, Apr 28 2018 7:18 PM

    Don't forget to post those scorecards!  :)

    Sweet hats Wayne -- very nice.

  • DAZZA501
    5,972 Posts
    Mon, Apr 30 2018 4:10 AM

    I've posted a thread for all you Brits out there who would like to play some golf on our shores. The title is Golf with Dazza501 IRL-Summer 2018

  • mrcaddie
    2,429 Posts
    Mon, Apr 30 2018 5:43 PM

    Sorry for the delay in posting details and pics from the trip to Cooperstown, I needed to gather some notes and do a little photo editing. I'll try and post my closing thoughts tomorrow night after work.


  • drmoose
    3,535 Posts
    Tue, May 1 2018 4:11 AM

    do a little photo editing

    Good idea , Wayne. I'm not sure all of them would be approved for all audiences.

    Doc ;)

  • MainzMan
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    Tue, May 1 2018 10:39 AM


    I needed to gather some notes and do a little photo editing.

    If the card shows you having scored 55 then I for one will be suspicious  :))