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Virtual U.S. Open Qualifiers, New Tiers, New Clubs, and More

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Tue, Jun 16 2009 11:49 AM (137 replies)
  • MavZee
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    Mon, May 25 2009 11:08 AM

    And to the older post. It has nothing to do with trying to make you pay for clubs. 

    It is that the runners of this site are trying to give us the most realistic look at Beth Page that they can. What they failed to see is that WE ARE NOT TIGER!!!

    and can not hit our clubs 335 yards to have a chance at scoring. Move the damn tees up!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gfsullivan
    196 Posts
    Mon, May 25 2009 11:09 AM

    Alex, re: your comment on "how an average player at Black would do from the chapionship tees". I play there at least 6 times a year, sometimes more, and I play with alot of "Average" golfers. I am a 7 and two of the guys I regulary play with there are 13 and 16 handicappers, respectively. I think I have a good grasp on the average player at Black. Granted, we rarely play from the championship tees but on the right day we will.

    No doubt that Black is a true monster and breaks alot of avg players to pieces, but its not nearly as impossible as the conditions in the game.

  • casique1
    370 Posts
    Mon, May 25 2009 11:14 AM

    ohh common, don t be so aggresive m8s

    i think wgt is doing a great job, and suggestions can be placed in a nicer form......

    it is a groving page , and we can help to do it better,, just keep ur suggestions clear and rasonable so all will be good :)



  • MavZee
    34 Posts
    Mon, May 25 2009 11:43 AM

    1. First hole, the only normal hole in the game, = Birdie
    2. Par 4 395 yards, dogleg left. = Perfect taylor made driver hit leaves 154 in, 160yr shot to green, pulled, 2 putt par.
    3. Hole 3 241 yard PAR 3!!!!!! Driver, 231 yards to the right of green, 2 putt par.
    4. Hole 4 517 yard par 5, Driver 230 yards, 270 yards left, Second shot 209 yards, 65 yards left, third, to 15 feet. 2 putt par.
    5. Hole 5 478 yard par 4.......  Driver = JUST makes fairway 338 yards, 242 left on second shot on a PAR 4!!!!.  Hit from here to 50 yards in, great shot hit it to 1 foot, for PAR!!!! this hole is way too long. Please move up the tees.
    6. Hole 6 408 yard par 4.  232 drive,  168 left. hit 173, 5 yards remaining, on green. 5 yard putt made for birdie.
    7. Hole 7, 525!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yard PAR 4!!!! Big problems with this hole. Tee shot does not carry to fairway perfectly hit. Left in right side bunkers. 309....... yards left...EVEN worse!! from the right side bunkers the trees are in your way, so now not only is a HUGE par 4, but if your weakass driver cant make the fairway, now you have to lay up. On a PAR 4!!!!!!!.  Layed up, still have 200 yards in on shot 3, Hit as hard as possiable, still 38 yards in off the green..... 4th shot...Hit too 1 yard, Makes.. BOGEY. Nuff said about this *** hole.
    8. Hole 8 196 yard par 3...... Nothing says loving like hitting your 3 wood off a par three tee deck....... and with hitting a three wood of a tee deck of a par 3... I got 21 yards to the green. ON THE GREEN..... wtf... good luck stopping that ball. The green is all down hill, had a 61 foot putt, 3 feet down, I hit it 40... RAN 23 FEET PAST WTFTF!!!  3 putt bogey....
    9. Hole 9 , 460 yard Par 4. Perfect hit driver JUST makes the fairway.  ( best driver you can buy my ass )  DAMN IT, driver shortness does not give you a look around the corner, tried to cut it. hit the tree.... Oh ya I feel so good giving my money for this shitass driver now.....  150 yards after hitting tree. Made a great recovery and hit 3rd to 1 yd.  1 putt par...


    I have given MORE then enough infor here to see why the drivers need another 10 to 15 yards added to them or the damn tees need to be moved up. I feel very bad knowing I have been waiting for this US open thing to drop.... Now I wish it didn't. Cant wait to see the champions score when we play for real on the 22 of June.


    Rant off**   lol

  • MavZee
    34 Posts
    Mon, May 25 2009 11:47 AM

    quick add....... Hole 11 is a joke too. TOO damn big for a 4 on this game, maybe not in real life, but for THIS GAME. with its club distance..... no chance.

  • MavZee
    34 Posts
    Mon, May 25 2009 11:52 AM

    12th.... 504 yard par 4.......... 10 wind in the face LOL LOL. driver does not make fairway.

  • MavZee
    34 Posts
    Mon, May 25 2009 12:05 PM

    In finishing I am a 69.98 amature with full Taylor made clubs, and hit them very well, ( power bar speed ) 

    I finished 11 over on Black.......  No comment. At all.. 

  • jhoop
    10 Posts
    Mon, May 25 2009 12:31 PM

    can someone answer me on the tier groups .was placed in the master tier when my avg was higher than the 10 lowest in the pro tier

  • ShaunMcClarty
    270 Posts
    Mon, May 25 2009 12:37 PM

    do the multiplayer rounds at bethpage count towards the qualifying round?

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    Mon, May 25 2009 12:38 PM

    u forgot that this is a GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  wgt what r u thinking, u say ur trying to make the average golfer feel what its like to play a us open, if u didnt know im gonna tell u,average golfers dont play us opens, profesionals who can hit there drivers more than 240 yards do. move up the tees or provide longer hitting clubs......i bet the real course isnt this hard