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Ryder Cup 2009 - GOODBYE!

Fri, Nov 27 2009 7:06 PM (514 replies)
  • seveking
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    Wed, Apr 1 2009 7:42 AM



     Ryder Cup banner by :Jarid

    DISCLAIMER: This tournament is not sponsored by World Golf Tour


          U.S.A            WORLD

             15              13




     Game format:

     There will be three different formats of play, just like the real Ryder Cup. Two of them will be exactly the same as in real life, and, one of them will not. Let’s start with the one that won’t.  

    Alternate hole

     This would usually be alternate shot in the real Ryder Cup, but we can’t do that in virtual life, so we have to settle for alternate hole.

    Alternate hole will be played in pairs. The pairings will be decided by the Captains, who can take advice from the players as to who they would like to play with as a partner.

    Basically, all four players (two from Team World and two from U.S.A.) play nine holes, but they take it in turns for their score to actually count.

    Example: Padraig Harrington and Sergio Garcia vs. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

    Before the start of the game, all four players talk to each other and the players from Europe say: the first hole will be played by Harrington. U.S.A. say: the first hole will be played by Woods.

    So they all play the hole, but the scores that actually count are Harrington’s and Tiger’s. So if Garcia and Woods get a birdie and Mickelson and Harrington get par, the hole is won by U.S.A. because the scores that we were counting were Tiger’s and Harrington’s.

    And the next hole goes the same way, only now the scores that count are Garcia’s and Mickelson’s.

    There will be eight alternate hole matches played, meaning that four players from each team will have to play twice. Alternate hole will take up the first ten days of the virtual Ryder Cup.

    CONDITIONS: Front nine Bethpage


    Doubles match play


    This will be normal doubles match play (nine holes). We play in pairs and the score that counts is the lowest of the pair.

    Example: Harrington takes a 3, Mickelson and Woods both take a 4 and Garcia takes 6. Even though, if you add up the scores, U.S.A. have taken less shots, Team World would win because the lowest score is Harrington’s.

    There will be another eight matches of doubles, so, again, four players from each team will have to play twice. Doubles will take up another ten days of the virtual Ryder Cup.

     CONDITIONS: Back nine Bethpage

    Individual match play


    Just like the real Ryder Cup, the last week of the tournament will consist of 18 holes  of individual match play. One player from Team World against one from U.S.A. 

    Remember, even if a player wins a hole by more than one shot, he is only one up because it is match play and not stroke play.

    CONDITIONS: Bethpage 18 holes

     And, after all this, one of the two teams will be the champion of the virtual world!

     Good luck to everybody and let me know if anything hasn’t been explained clearly or if I’ve missed out something.




                              ALTERNATE HOLE


    Coolswing/Slor  vs.  Thunderbird/Smoothswinger    2 AND 1

    Nivlac/Jeffods924  vs.  TallAcePaul/Imcoola     3 AND 2 

     AvatarLee/Zippy-Pivot  vs.  Gitthe/Jarid    DRAW

    Hightower3/Jalaii  vs.  Ryan.Anderson/Paulmcm   1 UP

    Seveking/Dsdiego  vs.  SteveOhh/TaterNater   4 AND 2 

     WVMountaineer/Claremoreblue  vs.  Coolswing/Dorkfeatures  1 UP

    AvatarLee/Zippy-Pivot  vs.  Hightower3/Thunderbird   3 AND 2 

    Smoothswinger/Jalaii  vs.  TallAcePaul/Portsd     1 UP





    Jeffdos924/Claremoreblue vs. AvatarLee/Coolswing  2 AND 1

    Ryan.Anderson/Paulmcm vs. Nivlac/Jarid   DRAW

    Thunderbird/Smoothswinger vs. TallAcePaul/Portsd  4 AND 2

     Seveking/Dsdiego vs. Gitthe/Jalaii   1 UP

    Hightower3/WVMountaineer vs. Slor/Dorkfeatures  1 UP

    AvatarLee/Zippy-Pivot vs. SteveOhh/TaterNater  2 AND 1

    Nivlac/Jarid vs. Ryan.Anderson/Paulmcm   1 UP 

    TallAcePaul/Imcoola vs. Gitthe/Smootshwinger   2 AND 1



    TallAcePaul vs. Gitthe   2 AND 1

    Thunderbird vs. Dorkfeatures  5 AND 4

    AvatarLee vs. Hightower3   5 AND 4

    Smoothswinger vs. Dsdiego  1 UP

    Coolswing vs. Nivlac   5 AND 4

    Jeffdos924 vs. Imcoola   2 AND 1

    Portsd vs. SteveOhh   1 UP

    Jarid vs. Seveking    2 AND 1

    Ryan.Anderson vs. Jalaii   4 AND 2

    WVMountaineer vs. Zippy-Pivot  1 UP

    Paulmcm vs. TaterNater  6 AND 5

    Claremoreblue vs. Slor    3 AND 1





    BST:0   EST:-5  CST:-6  MST:-7  PST:-8






      Seveking: It has been an honour to organise this tournament and a pleasure to watch the interest taken by many players. I really hope all goes well, that we have an exciting end (preferably with a Team World victory) and that I complete my biggest achievement yet at WGT: to organise the first ever Ryder Cup!

    TallAcePaul: "The pressure is all on the U.S. We also have the advantage of having a good number of those in the team playing together in the Cup who have played in the NA Challenge so we have got some early bonding in and got to know each other.

    Nivlac: “The Euros have a bunch of good guys competing, but they’re not going to be able to stack up to the American squad. It may be a virtual stage, but it’s our stage and this is our time to shine and represent the United States of America.”

    Dorkfeatures: For me, currently playing in the "Pro" Tier, qualifying for "Team World" has just been incredible, and the highlight of my WGT career to date. To be playing with, and against the cream of the WGT will be amazing. How am I going to go...??????? Boy, this is some very tough assignment - I'll give it 110%, that´s all I can do. The Americans have an incredible team, however we also have a great team, and with TallAcePaul leading the way, we can win this thing and walk away with the cup. GO TEAM WORLD!!

    Claremoreblue: “The first thing I would like to do is congratulate the other 23 players. What an accomplishment and honour to get here!

    This has to be the biggest tournament in the history of WGT in my opinion. Captain Niv, one of the most elite players in the game ever, wouldn't trade him for anyone! I think there will be lots of very close matches in this one, but of course, I think the USA will prevail!! :)) It is an honour and privilege to be here, and I am playing for all of my great friends in this community! It certainly has been a huge gift to me, to get to participate in the matches.”

    Zippy-Pivot: "Ryder Cup"............What does it mean to me? "Friend or Foe, we're playin for all the marbles!"

    Gitthe: “If the NAC International Team performance is any indication, we have a real dog fight on our hands”

    AvatarLee: "You can look at all the stats in the world, but until the final round is played and all the scores are reported… they mean nothing!"

    Jeffdos924:  What an honour to be a part of Team USA ... I still say WOW sometimes.  It's getting down to crunch time and I thought that maybe I'd be more nervous... but quite the opposite.  After a few long talks with my putter, I'm feeling more focused and eager to hit the links against a terrific Team World Squad.  This should be an epic battle... good luck to us all.                                     



















  • nivlac
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    Wed, Apr 1 2009 9:34 AM

    Ok, I've signed up to play in and Captain for the American squad.  Is there anything else I need to do?

    What weekly tournament do the American's start scoring with?


    Vote fer meh!

  • seveking
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    Wed, Apr 1 2009 10:49 AM

     Signups will be running for the whole month of April, so you don't have to post any scores until the first week of May.

    There's nothing else you have to do, although you are allowed to post comments on here to try to convince people to vote you for captain when the time comes.

  • nivlac
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    Wed, Apr 1 2009 10:57 AM

    Sounds good.  Vote for me.

    Seriously though, I'd love to take on the Captain role, but if there's someone who is just dead set on being the Captain, by all means.  I won't lose any sleep. :)

  • 2003peterbilt
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    Wed, Apr 1 2009 12:09 PM

    I am in as well Nc you will make a lovely team CAPT. your orginizational skills alone are most superb. Would love to play a round if you have a moment as well,Thanks

    2003peterbilt (Robert)

  • AvatarLee
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    Wed, Apr 1 2009 12:19 PM

    A couple of questions... those signing up for the world team, and are eligible to enter more than just the International Opens... can we post from other tourneys?

    And if you can enter more that just the 4 monthlies, how does the ranking work?  Is it your 4 best entries (so we record them all and only the best 4 are taken) or do we have to pick which ones we want to record and as soon as we've got 4, that's it?  Or finally is it going to be an average of the points for all recorded rounds, because some people may enter more events than others (ie. pay vs. non-pay to enter events)?  

    Okay, I know that's more than a couple of questions, but I think you may need to clarify this a bit.

    Oh yeah and count me in!  Sounds like a lot of fun!


    *edit* Oh yeah, and sorry I had to desert you guys on the US Team, but the playing field had to be evened out just a bit!  ;P 

  • seveking
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    Wed, Apr 1 2009 1:13 PM

     People from Team World can only qualify through the International Opens, even if they can play Weekly Tournaments.

    Doing an average of scores in all tournaments could be a good option, but, if we do that, people might play all the tournaments and only post their three or four best scores (something similar to what people already do with their averages).

  • AvatarLee
    1,644 Posts
    Wed, Apr 1 2009 1:56 PM

    That's what I was getting at... but how do you handle the U.S. side, where there are a lot more tournaments to enter?  Same thing can happen... you may need to restrict it to the same 4 tourneys and every one counts... have to avoid the ol' pick 'n choose.  =)

  • nivlac
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    Wed, Apr 1 2009 2:39 PM

    Only doing the International Opens would be fine for us as well.

  • goldenglove
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    Wed, Apr 1 2009 8:54 PM

     ok   i reported a score   but there are two   sorry