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Re: Showdowns

Sat, Sep 9 2023 9:58 AM (31 replies)
  • CrazyJoeBonano1
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    Wed, Aug 9 2023 9:14 PM


    Ever hear of Clash. Play some of those rounds with high winds, tournament greens and long tees and see where your average goes. Above 60 is the answer for lots of players. 

    Absolutely. And many high tier players got where they are by playing very easy club tournaments over and over again.  So they are reasonably good players who made the game much much harder by going up in tier without being as skillful as they might seem to be.

    I'm aTL that can shoot 31 or so in a clash. I'm not Young46.

    I play low coin room games because I'm working on leveling gear quickly, and it's no less unfair than a guy who gets a new phone, new avatar, and kills everyone in coin rooms by either buying good gear right away at Hack tier and level 1 or by renting decent gear and buying good balls to get the equivalent of a 400 yard drive on every tee shot. 

    It's unfair but it's built into the game. 

  • Fist2k8
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    Sat, Sep 9 2023 9:58 AM

    Which is bordering on stulidity. Why not have divisions rookies to Pro Tour to Tour Master and legend and champions...........maybe not exacly like that but to me a guy with a 56 average playing in the rookies division makes him a cheat in my book