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Mon, Jan 29 2024 11:38 AM (54 replies)
  • CaptRon48
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    Thu, Jan 25 2024 8:43 PM

    So what your saying is you won't put any time, effort or money into it but you still want a chance to win.

  • ryry4321
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    Thu, Jan 25 2024 11:33 PM


    In the current showdown , there is a hack , been playing less than a week , currently sitting 4th on -7 in the elimination round. For me , this is the main issue WGT needs to be looking at , removing players that cannot possibly be legit ! 

    -7 on 18 holes isn't that great and considering when you're a hack you get to tap in basically from 10 feet or closer. This game is easy to play for some. Does not mean everybody is a cheat. You just see someone play good that's a low level and just assume. I was shooting minus five on nine holes by the time I was a level 25 amateur. Does that mean I was cheating too? 

  • AnaNikolaj
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    Fri, Jan 26 2024 2:30 AM

    Maybe explain to me how to change that and play tournaments with others that don't cost credits to enter and we can talk. 


    Play stroke play in multiplayer ranked mode (9 or 18 holes). It counts as a ranked round and you play with someone. 

  • bossbird
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    Fri, Jan 26 2024 3:09 AM


    Ok that was exactly why I asked.  As to 24 years, I played back when it was flash a bit, and then took years away because I found that mmorpg's had the ability to chat across the game server with all who were playing. When I retired a couple years ago, I came back and picked up where I left off (all starter gear mind you), and just play for fun. No I don't have many ranked rounds because I prefer to play one or three hole rounds  as if I have to attend to life I lose a few coins, no biggie.  I was in the low 70s as a tour pro, so I see your point, I prefer the ability to play head to head where I can visit with folks.  Maybe explain to me how to change that and play tournaments with others that don't cost credits to enter and we can talk.  Playing against people who I never see, who are just a name on a leaderboard makes 9 or 18 boring. 

    As to rr being the only way to make avg,  you hit the nail on the head. THAT is one more way that wgt makes money. Doesn't matter if you play rr or coin only you still have to spend creds on balls/gear to even attempt tourney's.  Otherwise you if you are honest know you don't stand a chance of even being in the money, other than blind luck or hours practicing that is simply not possible.  I am not complaining just realistic.  Having said that when you look at rookie showdown leaderboard it's kind of a tell that the top 10 currently are at least legend, and most are tl or tc.  There is one tourmaster a min ago down around 6 or 7 but his level of balls is unattainable for me let alone the gear. 

    I DO NOT SPEND A DIME ON VIRTUAL GEAR, I also don't count dots, use math to figure the breaks, worry about hitting the ding everytime etc.  That is why my putting is so terrible, and you know what I don't really care. I play for fun and occasionally meet people who share interests besides golf. Bottom line, golf is a perfectly good waste of a shooting range.  Real life golf balls from the driving range that are no longer usable for that make the perfect 22 long rifle targets at 100+ yards and man do they fly a long way if they don't disintegrate

     Even in real life pro/am tourneys have something called a handicap. Maybe there is the answer, I don't know but the way it is now with my best game ever at around a 69 for 18 the idea of playing against those who have time and money that I don't somehow just doesn't seem very sportsmanlike.  my opinion not even worth a nickle..

    You do t have to spend real money on this game , just a bit of time watching videos or on the offers boards or earn free credits. I have never spent real money , but during the day I spend a few minutes watching videos. I have so many credits now , I was happy to buy stuff for people during Christmas and new year . It is down to level of effort you put in , if you don’t spend cash and don’t put in effort getting free credits , you need to accept the equipment you use will not be as good as those that do. 

  • AntLupin
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    Mon, Jan 29 2024 11:38 AM

    Totally agree with you in every comment :-)