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  • New Callaway HEX Chrome Balls

    13 Aug 2013


    WGT has upgraded all the Callaway Tour virtual golf balls to the latest Callaway HEX Chrome balls.

    You'll get top performance from Callaway – with a slower WGT swing meter to "ding" more shots, more control or more distance – for the same price as the original balls.

    Visit the WGT Pro Shop to see all the new HEX Chrome virtual golf balls, including:

    • Callaway HEX Chrome+ Balls with a slower swing meter - unlock at Level 1 and Level 34
    • Callaway HEX Chrome Balls with more control - start unlocking at Level 33 and Legend 
    • Callaway HEX Chrome+ Balls with more distance - start unlocking at Level 35 and Legend 

    Callaway HEX Chrome virtual golf balls start unlocking at Level 1 in the WGT Pro Shop.

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