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  • How to Play Alt Shot Golf Games

    26 Mar 2013

    One of the most popular and fun multi-player golf games on World Golf Tour is Alternate Shot, called Alt Shot by most players. Here are some game tips to help you get started playing Alt Shot games on WGT.

    ALT SHOT – Alternate Shot games are where two-person teams take turns hitting each shot until the hole is finished, much like the rotation when you’re playing a game of billiards. If you hit the first drive on a hole, then your partner will hit the next shot from where your ball landed, then you will take the next turn from where their ball landed, continuing until the hole is finished.

    TEAMS – You can either organize your own Alt Shot game or join one on WGT. You will either be placed on Team Green or Team Gold. Alt Shot is best with friends, many players have a weekly virtual tee time to connect online and chat while they play.

    ORDER – The players that tee off first for their team will tee off on the odd-numbered holes (1, 3, 5…), and their partner will tee off on the even-numbered holes (2, 4, 6…). You will hit from the tee box that matches your tier. For example, if you’re an Amateur, then you’ll tee off from the front tee box, but your Legend partner would tee off from the back tee box. This helps keep the match fair.

    BALL  When it’s your turn to hit, you will use the golf ball that’s currently equipped in your inventory, and your partner will be using their own ball as well, so your ball only accumulates hits from the shots that you take.

    SCORING – Alt Shot has the same scoring rules as Match Play games, with the lowest score on each hole winning, and ties don't carry to the next hole like with Skins games. And since you don't post a full score, Alt Shot games do not count against your scoring average.

    CHALLENGES  You currently cannot play Alt Shot games for WGT Credits, like you can in Match Play, Skins and CTTH Challenge games, but let us know if you'd like to see that added in the future.

    DISCONNECTIONS – Similar to Match Play games, each team gets three total disconnections before they forfeit the game, as follows...

    • 1st disconnection per team = No penalty
    • 2nd disconnection per team = That team loses the hole
    • 3rd disconnection per team = That team loses the match

    For more game tips from the WGT community, be sure to visit the Forum.

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