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  • Pebble Beach Hole 16 Preview

    05 Mar 2013

    Pebble Beach is America's top-ranked and most famous golf course. The famed Pebble Beach Golf Links golf course is the most recent addition to World Golf Tour, now available as a free closest-to-the-hole online game.

    Hole 16 is a challenging par 4, as the small green is lower than the fairway, surrounded by bunkers and trees, and sloping sharply from right to left.

    Try it for yourself on World Golf Tour, with a 177 yard approach shot from the fairway to the challenging green.

    WGT Hole 16 Tip - Aim carefully and swing with less power due to the downhill green.

    You can sign up for World Golf Tour here and play Pebble Beach, St Andrews and other famous golf courses free online.

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