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  • Pebble Beach Hole 11 Preview

    26 Feb 2013

    Pebble Beach is America's top-ranked and most famous golf course. The famed Pebble Beach Golf Links golf course is the most recent addition to World Golf Tour, now available as a free closest-to-the-hole online game.

    Hole 11 is one of the harder par 4 holes at Pebble Beach. The drive is a relatively easy, but the small green is raised and surrounded by bunkers, making for a difficult approach shot.

    In the first round of the 2000 U.S. Open, Nick Faldo hit this 129-yard approach shot within a few feet of the hole for birdie, and went on to finish in 7th place that year. Faldo won six majors in his career, but never the U.S. Open. 

    You can try the same approach shot on World Golf Tour from 129 yards in the fairway to the challenging green.

    WGT Hole 11 Tip - Use a higher-lofted club and adjust your power carefully to get this shot close.

    You can sign up for World Golf Tour here and play Pebble Beach, St Andrews and other famous golf courses free online.

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