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  • Pebble Beach Hole 7 Preview

    19 Feb 2013

    Pebble Beach is America's top-ranked and most famous golf course. The famed Pebble Beach Golf Links golf course is the most recent addition to World Golf Tour, now available as a free closest-to-the-hole online game.

    Hole 7 at Pebble Beach is one of the most memorable in all of golf. You're on a cliff, surrounded on three sides by the Pacific Ocean crashing on the rocks below. You face a short downhill shot to a green that seems to get smaller as you stand on the tee.

    There have been many well known shots here. Back in 1982, Tom Watson stuck his tee shot to just 2 feet on Sunday, putting him five under par on his way to the U.S. Open Championship.

    On World Golf Tour, you'll be on that same tee virtually, facing one of the best shots in golf.

    WGT Hole 7 Tip - You'll need to use a little less power on your shot, as the hole is 28 feet below you.

    You can sign up for World Golf Tour here and play Pebble Beach, St Andrews and other famous golf courses free online.

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