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How I would improveWGT....

Fri, Aug 4 2023 9:17 PM (22 replies)
  • Yiannis1970
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    Sat, Jul 8 2023 12:23 PM



    Nullum crimen, nulla poena sine previa lege....

    Nullum crimen nulla poena sine lege certa....

    It's not a court or legal proceeding, it's more like an official making a call during a sporting event.

    The above axioms are not being used only inside the Courts but a ball field, a television debate or mostly on a forum where there are rules that need to be followed. When someone gets ''punished'' there must be a prior ''lex'' to support the judgement. When someone get punished must know what/why is accused for. After all these days, i have no idea why i am under moderation.

    I would guess that with some days to clear your head you have to see how that thread was going to end, You and Paul going back and forth for days- possibly reporting each others posts and others reporting posts. Someone had to be the bigger person and just stop- in lieu of someone being able to self moderate- you force a moderator to step in. guessed wrong. Firstly, there is no rule whatsoever to respond on a thread. I believe this is the main purpose of the forum.* And yes...there was a dispute!! Must be unheard of in the history of the forum!! Is there a rule against it? Is there a rule which says i can't disagree with someone when, in my opinion, he's talking gibberish? Please enlight me by showing the above ''violation'' in the rule section.

    * If you are about to say that our dispute was off topic, they could have eliminated the posts as off topic. Thank God we have in here a guy who is off topic all the time but noone seems to bother (i mean the moderators).

    Like a sporting event the official makes a call and game resumes, like it or don't, there is no discussion on how/why- just a call made to keep the game moving.

    Again...every ''game'' has specific rules. The ''judges'', the officials as you call them,  must follow them otherwise we will have just arbitrary decisions (like in this case).

    Maybe stopping the non sense seems like giving up? or losing? or whatever but in reality it is self control and if you don't show that someone will have to control it and you wont like their decisions.

    I typically see you as an intelligent and level headed poster but felt like you got emotional and lost it a bit with paul (just an opinion/perspective not judgment)


    Haven't lost my head or been emotional, you are wrong again. I was arguing with a guy who has filled all the forum pages with countless nonsense for years. Yes, this is my opinion and i presented arguments about. You are not convinced? Fine, it's your prerogative. This is the reason i am under moderation?

    In my opinion and my experience after being for 15 years a moderator in 3 different fora, this is just a joke.


  • HamdenPro
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    Sat, Jul 8 2023 12:49 PM

    Deleted by me. Never my intention to lose friends over a post.


  • SoCalJim23
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    Fri, Aug 4 2023 9:17 PM

    I would not wish to see WGT eliminate the various "Tiers".  I think having "Tiers" makes everyone more competitive.  

    And I think all WGT Members need to understand that "WGT Golf" is a business....and every business needs to earn a profit. So, it takes many Ranked Rounds, good clubs & buying new balls to work your way up to the top "Tiers".

    It took me (7) Years, fairly expensive clubs & expensive a ton of Ranked Rounds to reach the "Tour Champion" Tier......I have spent a lot of $$$ here on WGT but I don't regret it at all....It's been GREAT Fun from the very beginning. But don't be in a big hurry to reach to top "Tier'.........enjoy the journey.

    I have enjoyed the journey up through the many "Tiers".......and continue to enjoy playing WGT Golf. Though I fully realize I'm not by any measure one of the best WGT "Tour Champions"......I did manage to make it...and it's definitely not an easy thing to achieve.

    So......I say, keep the "Tiers" as they are now.