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How hard can it be wgt unethical

Tue, May 16 2023 6:03 AM (60 replies)
  • AnaNikolaj
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    Fri, May 12 2023 4:14 PM


    There is no technology being developed, that is being held back. As was already pointed out, there are no additional camera angles being unlocked for e-tour live events. They have the same options as anyone playing the game, perhaps those players just know how to get those views better... But there are some holes and some landing spots, where those simply aren't available. Most likely because they just didn't take that exact photo and simply don't have the ability to produce that angle.


    As far as the reverse pin view goes, I guess it could be handy in some instances (other than putting), although I never had any desire to use it. Infact, I wish they'd get rid of it, cause there are only a few things I hate more than being 33y short of the pin on St. Andrews #14 with a 30 mph cross wind and having to move the bloody marker from front view over the slope, because the damn zoom goes to the reverse pin view instead of the over head... and you can't move the marker far enough in the bloody reverse pin view. A few other shots with the same issue out there...

    As for customer service, I believe the 1st email you send will get an automatically generated response, based on a few key words (according to them) in it. They get it wrong most times. But when you reply to that bs, you should get a response from an actual human, who might have a clue what they're talking about. Still, much better to contact one of the mods, either here or on Discord. They'll answer all your question, as long as they can (are allowed to by company policy).


    Does the company care? Not nearly as much as we'd like to. Why? Cause they're basically a monopoly and they know they have zero competition in this niche. People have a choice to either keep playing this or switch to a worse golf game.... or start doing something else with their time. Speaking for myself, I've had next to none issues during my time here and was able to work around the ones I had, mostly with help from other players. Luckily, the 2 issues I was worried about the most, were fixed by WGT and those were the "V" key to get rid of the bloody aimer and almost matching dot speed from flash in the new version. So, when I really needed something to keep enjoying the game, I was actually able to get it. 

  • Wendallson
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    Fri, May 12 2023 4:34 PM

    DodgyPutter, I appreciate you reply mate & yeah as far as not having replays go, I agree with Sam as well & I never thought of doing that ( xbox game bar or the like to record game play), so I am grateful for Sams suggestion, gives me a solution.


    I believe Sam also said top golf/ wgt put out a statement sometime back, that they were not going to introduce game replays for this version of the game, I was unaware of it.


    Also I think Sam said as well, it`s most probably because screen self record apps & the like are so abundant now & top golf & wgt most probably don`t want the expense or spend the time on developing the technology to introduce replays in this version of the game, I agree with you though, you would think, that it wouldn1t be that difficult or to much of a stretch for them to develop & introduce it into this game. Typical tight ass money makers I wreckon.

    Thanks for your message DodgyPutter & for your time mate.


    best regards, Greg

  • tramilleo
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    Fri, May 12 2023 4:47 PM




  • Wendallson
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    Fri, May 12 2023 9:14 PM

    AnaNikolaj thanks for your email mate...I have in the last day found a solution (so far) to my issue with close to the green wedge shots & not having a close reverse camera view, so far in every instance, like was suggested to me...that when it doesn`t give you that close reverse camera view, keep clicking on "putt" & keep reversing the camera view & wallah you get the close reverse view, Also if you land on a green fringe & it only gives you the "putt" option, when you want to "flop" or "pitch" to the pin, if you click on "chip" then it lets you click on "flop" or "pitch" as a shot option.


    As well, if it was available in game to use close reverse camera views, for anything other then close to the green wedge shots, I wouldn`t use it, I don`t really see the point of having that option from the tee or fairway...the standard forward & reverse camera views do the Job & are more realistic to game play I believe. That was one of my bug bears with not having the close to the green reverse view, it wasn`t realistic to game play to not have it, as in the real game you can see & walk the green in detail, to formulate your shot option.

    So on my theory of WGT holding back technology, I stand humbled & corrected & I appreciate your insight.

    Yes I have experienced that same situation with the 14th on saint Andrews where it doesn`t give you that detailed close front view of the mound area in front of the green & especially of the run down hill from the front of the green to the pin.

    Yeah for sure the game as other foibles & there are always work arounds, I was just asking the wrong crew (top golf & wgt customer & member services) where I should of been asking the wgt community & other players in general.


    Yeah as far as customer service goes, in the 5yrs of being a member...not once that I can recall, have they given me a specific & informed human reply to any of my questions or in game issues, they have all been vague & automatically generated & never specific to any of my individual questions that I have me it seems for each particular in game issue or question...they have a stack of go to emails, that they continually recycle for whatever your question or in game issue just know, when your interacting with a human or if it`s just a go to recycled email....for me, I see now,  it`s just pointless speaking with them for anything in game related & I am best to ask the broader wgt community & individual players.


    As far as does the company care?...not at all I would say (not that they have to) Yeah I hear that about them having a monopoly on games of this like, it`s the only one & stands alone in that respect...which sux for us & good for them, it would be nice if they had some realistic competition in this market...then this game from a customer to business stand point, would be alot better & I am sure, then top golf & wgt customer interaction, would be a lot more transparent & customer friendly....for me from looking at & interacting with & experiencing the game for the last 5 yrs & it`s discrepencies I can see, top golf / wgt from a business owner stand`s so rife with there little corruptive tweaks & twists to get $`s out of it`s wgt customers pockets & so completely void of any business ethic, with regards to how they run their business & interact with & treat there customers...I could fill a book  with it...That`s my belief & insight from a business owner view & standpoint...all the the end of the day, it is was it is & that`s for other fish to fry, not me.


    Also like you say, people have a choice to stay or go & for me, besides the blatant negatives from the business side of things & having the awareness & insight to mostly know it & see it now, when I do, which is key for me, knowledge is power & in business, it`s always good to know who & what your dealing with & generally saves me from getting caught up in it all, except for that bloody camera view & my frustration with it which pulled me into the politics of it all, more then I would of liked to


    Now that I am free of it & I have got the solution to my frustrating camera close up reverse view sorted out & now know what to do in the future with in game stuff, I can get back to just enjoying the challenge of the game & interaction with other players.


    So I will see you round on the courses AnaNikolaj & thank you very much for your email & detailed information & insights & for your time`s really appreciated.

    All the Best AnaNikolaj.

    Kind Regards, Greg


  • Yiannis1970
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    Sat, May 13 2023 1:06 AM

    For how long now Top Golf owns WGT? Is it 3-4 years now?

    They purchased indeed a unique product (the only game play which could be described as a golf simulator...with all the issues and bugs and limitations, i am with you. Still was and is a unique product), and what they have done with it?

    What short of enchachments did they bring to this unique game? Let's start from the beginning....

    Their only main goal (and they were succesful) was to create a wider range of customers. Bring the game to every phone, every i-pad, every non PC device. Every company out there tries to make more money, i have no issues whatsoever with that....the question is at what cost.

    Flash died on 31/12/2020 if remember correctly. So, they needed a new platform. The have decided to go with an executable file. All fine till here.

    What is not fine is that they have made clear enough their top priority were the mobile players. We had the perfect UI on flash and all of a sudden we see:

    Cameras not being there.

    Wind and info indications getting way way smaller.

    Transparent chat eliminated.

    Replays gone.

    Graphics like the billboard inside the greens.

    and a bunch of less important utilities that were available on flash, but still very useful to people who would like to play a golf game.


    What they have brought instead?

    They transformed a golf simulation game to an arcade.

    They gave us pseudo ''new'' resolutions.

    They gave us clothes, hats and shoes that hit the ball at 400 yds.

    They invented all sort of gimmicks to ''enchance'' the game. Please someone explain to me what's the main reason of the coins...


    As Jure said above, after a million posts and couple of years after they decided to give us back the flash dot speed inside the greens.

    If someone does his/her homework and go back onto this forum, will see what i am talking about.

    What sort of enchachments did they bring to this wonderful golf game? I mean the golf game...not the hats, not the clothes, to the gimmicks.

    Absolutely nada!!

    Did they try to remap many many whatever dot mapped courses? NO

    Did they bring back the transparent chat box? NO

    Did they bring back the cameras on the courses? NO

    Did they try to give us more crisps images? NO (i let you know that the original pics of the game is 5K and perhaps higher for the newer courses and we play at 1024 x 768 in 2023)

    I can talk for hours and hours...but it's pointless.

    Their main goal was and remains to create a product for mobile. Mobile means: Mostly single players (lately have been raised objections about mps/alts, which of course they have been taken care of them), displays with 5-10 inches (so, who cares about the size of indications....everything must be small for mobile use, or who cares about the resolutions if they are true or fake), younger people mostly who do care mostly for the appearance instead of the real game play (replays out, cameras out, chat out, wardrobe in, gimmicks in etc).

    I challenge anyone to go back back and search all the updates for the last 3 years (i did) and tell me:

    What kind of golf play enchachments did they bring to this game? ( i won't make any examples cause the post is already too long)

    This game is oriented towards the mobile players and their small screens. Whatever does not fit there (either as size, either as utility), is discarted instantly. Golfer mentality players are left back. We need the gamers!!!! So, take what we give you or change platform.


  • AnaNikolaj
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    Sat, May 13 2023 2:41 AM

    and we play at 1024 x 768 in 2023)


    Agreeing with every single thing you wrote, but am quoting this part to say I'm glad we have this resolution available, cause it's the only one I play on. The reason is cause it's the most similar size to the old gameclient size I played on flash (I never played it full screen), which meant less adjustment to dot speed. I always played by feel, meaning how fast I felt dots were moving and then deciding where on the meter I wish to click (100% off - dinger) and bigger screen means faster moving dots over larger squares, lol. Plus, although it takes the same amount of time for the meter to run to the ding line, it moves slower on a smaller sized game 😉

  • AnaNikolaj
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    Sat, May 13 2023 6:13 AM

    Btw, all the stuff that came as "new", since top golf took over, was simply copied from Golf rival, which is a garden variety arcade game. They had common, rare and epic clubs instead of apparel, chests instead of boxes, weekly goals and achievement and showdowns and they had it years before they were implemented here. I'm just happy they haven't copied the kangaroo balls.... yet... 

  • SimonTheBeetle
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    Sat, May 13 2023 6:28 AM

    Very well written, Yiannis! 🍻

  • Yiannis1970
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    Sat, May 13 2023 7:09 AM


    and we play at 1024 x 768 in 2023)


    Agreeing with every single thing you wrote, but am quoting this part to say I'm glad we have this resolution available, cause it's the only one I play on. The reason is cause it's the most similar size to the old gameclient size I played on flash (I never played it full screen), which meant less adjustment to dot speed. I always played by feel, meaning how fast I felt dots were moving and then deciding where on the meter I wish to click (100% off - dinger) and bigger screen means faster moving dots over larger squares, lol. Plus, although it takes the same amount of time for the meter to run to the ding line, it moves slower on a smaller sized game 😉


    To tell you the truth Jure, actually is the only one real, all the rest are fakes (cropped images). Yes, the aspect ratio on flash was 1,5. 1024 x768 = 1,33, so we are close. I do believe that they shooted the new courses on 1,78 A.R. (16:9) for future usage and just cropping the image right now...not to mention the amount of downscaling.

    When i was talking about mapping dot speed greens, i wasn't referring so much to the exact speed of the dots (if for example are really 5'' meanwhile i count 6''), i was referring to wrong mapped greens according to dots (i shouldn't have mentioned the word ''speed'' but rather line). There are many greens on the game where the dots are whatever....and i am not talking only about Kia (eventhough Kia is celebrating 15 or about years of living...has ever anything changed on Kia greens? No).

    As for the last thing you mentioned: