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Free credit ads suddenly very buggy

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Thu, Mar 9 2023 11:53 PM (18 replies)
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  • Matt48224
    31 Posts
    Mon, Feb 20 2023 8:11 AM

    Free credit ads are working but with extreme bugs. I installed iOS 16.3 recently (iPhone 13 Pro Max if that matters), but ads have worked fine for a week or so since then, until now.

    I’ve contacted WGT support but wanted to also consult the community knowledge.

    After a few ads (3-5) the “no more ads are available…  check later” message appears. I used to be able to simply restart the app and more ads would appear, up to the 150 credit limit.  Now, that doesn’t work anymore. I have tried several times.

    I have also tried:

    Toggle Apple advertising on/off in settings (didn’t work)

    Sign out of WGT and sign back in (didn’t work)

    Offload WGT app and reload (didn’t work)

    Delete WGT app and reinstall

    The only thing that works is to delete the app and reinstall. That gives me a few more ads before I have to repeat the process. This is obviously extremely annoying and I doubt it is intentional by WGT. 

    Please advise on this bug if you all know anything!



  • pdiehm
    285 Posts
    Mon, Mar 6 2023 3:45 AM

    buggy implies they work but have errors.


    They flat out don't work since the last update

  • blackridgenik
    104 Posts
    Mon, Mar 6 2023 6:56 AM

    Having same issue, I updated iPad, when the new screen with rev u appeared I started having issues, Get a video nothing for next 3 attempts then a few more re install ok sometime for 3 videos. Wrote to WGT customer service and all they said was it’s because of the zone I live in, but it has worked perfectly for last 3 years or so.

  • Ess3xGooner
    678 Posts
    Mon, Mar 6 2023 10:24 AM

    Something not right since the last update. Only get to play one video at a time before I get the "no credit videos available, please try later" message. Been like it for 4 days now. Also play my daily pass game on ipad, and can't play a video for the extra xp. Not holding my breath for WGT to investigate.

  • bossbird
    2,198 Posts
    Mon, Mar 6 2023 10:34 AM

    Are you using a vpn ? If so that’s your problem ! 
    I use an iPad and still get my allocated 150 credits , without a VPN !  

  • doozemaz
    60 Posts
    Mon, Mar 6 2023 2:16 PM

    Same for me

  • callaghan159
    6,237 Posts
    Tue, Mar 7 2023 2:47 AM

    Free credits working fine for me. I use ios and android...3 devices

  • bdsbrownsfan56
    118 Posts
    Tue, Mar 7 2023 6:14 AM

    Has been limited to one or two ads for me for about the last three or four days. Using an updated iPad. 

  • bossbird
    2,198 Posts
    Tue, Mar 7 2023 1:33 PM

    I usually get to see 25 videos at a time , before having to close the app and reopen it , but I do get my full quota

  • Lesthanpar
    1,454 Posts
    Tue, Mar 7 2023 1:51 PM

    They run for me but have to restart much more often to keep them going. What I have done to beat this is run them on my i pad and i phone at the same time. While one is searching to find a video the other one is running one. Sometimes I get lucky and they are both running one at the same time lol. Doing this I can get the max 150 in about 40 minutes.

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