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WGT Nico Q&A - 1/27

Mon, May 8 2023 12:31 PM (236 replies)
  • Cicero733
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    Tue, Jan 31 2023 10:15 AM

    Wonder if permission to market needs to come from Callaway as opposed to TItleist whose equipment would be displaced?

  • HamdenPro
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    Tue, Jan 31 2023 10:43 AM


    How is this possible?

    Player is L84 but he has L86+ L87+ L90+ clubs?

    Interesting question, although not sure it belongs in this thread. My interest was piqued, so I took a peak.

    Weird that there was a purchase of a Level 74 TM Stealth Driver this past December, yet the bag shows it to be level 90.

    If he purchased the 74, but got the 90, it seems he was overcharged as the 74, for some reason, cost more.

    More glitches maybe- nah, there are no glitches.

    (Sorry Nico for the brief derail)


  • LetterkennyIrish
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    Tue, Jan 31 2023 10:59 AM


    I can confirm that at something like lv 80 or ever 84, I got a TM bundle that had all of those clubs in it. 

  • TopShelf2010
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    Tue, Jan 31 2023 11:23 AM

    You have until this Thursday 1/26

    I know this is a little late but I was curious about the Friend Invite display. Would it be too difficult to program and implement a DATE of when the invite was sent/received?

  • VictoriaVixen1
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    Tue, Jan 31 2023 12:07 PM

     Nico, thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions. I’ll be looking forward to the new owners tools. Would love to dip into the cache of unused credits in my club and seeing my participation percentage rise in tournaments and my members leveling up! Great job, Nico. Thanks again. 

  • MarchieB
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    Tue, Jan 31 2023 1:16 PM

    Don't want to beat this 64° Callaway wedge issue to death but I do want to reply to the responses to this issue.

    Typically, Callaway comes to us with the clubs they want in game (such as the new paradym clubs)

    I 100% understand this as this game is basically an additional advertising opportunity for Callaway (and the other manufacturers) but this seems to me to be more about them not wanting obsolete clubs in the game in favor of having their "latest and greatest" clubs that are currently being sold IRL rather than an issue of what Deg the wedges being sold are. I cannot see why Callaway would say no to adding a few 50/60 yrd - 64° wedges to the 52°,56° & 60° ones that already exist. But that's just my opinion and maybe Callaway has a very different take on this issue.

    this topic goes back long before you joined us, at least to the beginning of the introduction of the Mack Daddy line of the Callaway wedges. 

    Yes I realize that this issue has been around for quite a long time but just wanted to take this opportunity with Nico's Q&A to bring it up. Nico has been a breath of fresh air to WGT since he took over his current position as he seems to be much more open and proactive in attempting to get our issues addressed, especially those that may have been thrown on the back burner. And while he cannot "fix" everything I thought that if there was ever a chance of getting something changed, this might be the best shot.

    [The] reality is - however - many of us have adapted anyway. ... While the Max wedge is not completely up to all the same specs - if you take the time to chart it map it - and learn it - there are very few real flaws or limitations of it

    Yes I fully understand and agree with this as I'm in that same boat, using the L91 Max Meter 64° Wedge as well. But ultimately that is a compromise that we are forced to make because the matching 64° wedge is not available. Personally I would much rather have a wedge that matches the stats of the L95 & 96 - 56° & 60° Callaways that are currently in my bag (just my opinion though)

    Looks like there are plenty of good wedges to be had .

    Yes there are many options for 64° wedges in the game but there are a few problems with them;

    1. When compared to the L94, 95 & 96 Callaway wedges currently in the game all these other 64° wedges are in some way inferior stat wise. While that may not seem like such a big deal or maybe even petty as the top end 64° wedges available are VERY close in stats, the top end Callaways ARE statistically better. And if you've spent the credits to get the top end Callaway wedges only to have to resort to using an inferior 64° wedge it just doesn't seem right.
    2. The Highest Level Callaway 56° & 60° wedges have yardages of 100 & 75yrds respectively. In order to maintain an even gaping in a 3 wedge bag the 64° wedge should be a 50yrd club. Only 2 of the higher end 64° wedges are 50yrd with the majority being 60yrd wedges. For me personally a 60-75-100yrd gaping isn't ideal.
    3. Anything other than a matching 64° Callaway wedge is ultimately a compromise of having to use an inferior club. Now if we were talking about low level clubs destined for beginner players that might not be such an issue but we are in reality talking about the highest level of wedges in the game. That fact alone seems absurd to me. That there wouldn't be a full range of these wedges that are basically earmarked for the highest level of players in the game seems at the very least odd and an obvious missed opportunity for both players and WGT.

  • GreenLaser
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    Tue, Jan 31 2023 2:33 PM

    I wonder if a few emails from WGT members to Callaway might help move things along. Who exactly should a request of that type be directed to at Callaway?

  • okiechuck
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    Tue, Jan 31 2023 3:06 PM

    Here's something I think could be done easily and would be a large benefit to players. Add a tone or beep or chime or something that will alert you that you have a game invite. Rather than sitting and starring at the Friends button waiting for it to turn red. A tone of some sort could alert you while you were checking emails or something else, Please consider this.


  • PureGro1
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    Tue, Jan 31 2023 3:39 PM

    I am trying to confirm that this is the process in which to see or accept FRIEND REQUESTS ?

    Yes, You will see a small dot indicator near FRIENDS indicating there is a friend request.(Like the little dot next to country club- indicating a club request. or the one showing something in your inbox)