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Goal & Achievements

Sun, Mar 3 2024 2:57 PM (580 replies)
  • jacktrade51
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    Thu, Apr 13 2023 4:55 PM

    My experience has been very steady.

    Opponent forfeits it counts as a win if Goal is winning.  But holes not completed do not counts.  So if opp quits before 1st hole is finished, 0 holes completed.  I know the latter is annoying but that's the way it is.


  • DodgyPutter
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    Sun, Apr 16 2023 4:05 AM


    I save my scorecards . When someone forfeits I count it as a W . . Unless things have changed since April 2022 . Wgt does not count forfeits as wins

    So at the end of the month this is the WGT count

    APRIL SCORECARD's 2022 H2h_4_14

    total rounds = 206

    My count is

    125 - W  77 - L

    total rounds = 202

    How does 21 forfeits by the opponents ? Translate into 21 less wins and 21 more losses for me ?

    The scorecards show all of this .

    Since I really hadn't been paying attention to that previously . And it is a real pain to go back and count and check every month . To compare my count to their count .

    I'm not sure exactly what you mean but maybe the difference is they don't have 21 more losses for you, it's 25. Anyway that stuff is about what happened a year ago so I thought I'd look at it now.

    First I tried by recording what happened in my Tokyo games but there's not much quitting there so the only thing was the usual phantom "holed approach".  Both on the green in two I miss my putt, he holes his and I get a holed approach.

    So I moved to the room you play, Casablanca, I played mainly Pro's and TP's up to Legend and there was plenty of quitting there.

    I recorded "rounds played", "head to head games won in coin rooms" and "Casablanca winner" before and after each round.

    Rounds Played             Head to head wins                Casablanca wins 

    10,937                                   1,661                                       35         

    They disconnected

    10,937                                    1,662                                      36

    The next two forfeited

    10,937                                     1,663                                     37

    10,937                                     1,664                                     38

    Finally I tried forfeiting myself

    10,937                                      1,664                                    38

    So generally it doesn't register

    Overall the round doesn't register but the win does.  I don't think wgt will bring back a simple win/lose record as  they like to give us all the opportunity to pretend we are winners, so record of wins only. The things that go are often what's difficult or reflects poorly on a players stat's.  What comes is shiny or costs.  You could work out for yourself, from the information there is, your win/loss ratio if you think it's worth it. 

    If it bothers you, and you've enough coins, I'd recommend moving to a more expensive room where not so many will quit. I seemed to encounter many people unhappy I was playing in that room.

  • bossbird
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    Sun, Apr 16 2023 10:35 AM

    Paul , I only said the forfeits went towards the goal of playing a certain number of sponsor coin rooms. And I said it shouldn’t be rocket science to allow forfeits to count towards the goal of completed holes.

    I really think we have flogged this one to death , let’s just get back to playing and not thinking about goals and achievements, as for people that play quite a lot each and every day , there is little in it for us , as we have already collected all the good worthwhile rewards , dont you think ? 

  • AlaskanDame
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    Sun, Apr 16 2023 7:08 PM


    dont you think ?

    I do .

    All I was doing was relaying some information that our hosts are not telling us .

    I take whatever G & A I get . But I do not find that putting much erffort into these ( basically ) free awards . Pays off .

    WGT should have at least put continuing  levels on the Achievement that had to do with how many stars overall were garnered.  That should have stayed in perpetuity…..extra stars are useless now.

  • DodgyPutter
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    Mon, Apr 17 2023 4:53 AM

    All I was doing was relaying some information that our hosts are not telling us .

    More to the point for me is some of the things they are telling us are, at best, misleading.  In fact untrue is safe to say.

    Paul I know this only includes numbers from an update some months ago but that doesn't matter as the numbers relate to each other. 

    According to wgt, since that update I've played 2,319 coin games, I've won 1,669 of them.  That would mean I win 72% of my games and I don't, my guess would be somewhere under 60%. What I showed in my previous post, that an opponent quitting gives a "win"  but not a game played could, in theory, lead to someone having an over 100% win percentage, comparing rounds played to wins in achievements.

    Maybe talked to death Lesley but it's also possible that this is why you're not getting your win, if the game isn't registered as played perhaps that's why it's not counted as a win in goals.  Maybe not but I don't see the harm in pointing things out.

    Similarly the stats suggesting I hole an approach once every 7.4 holes are wrong, lol I wish it was true.  The numbers in the coin rooms have been wrong for a very long time.

    None of this will be fixed, anytime soon at least, as they paint rosy pictures.  If people's win average was less than it should be, if they weren't getting credited for holing approaches or if the room numbers were lower than they really are, it would be different.  

  • bossbird
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    Mon, Apr 17 2023 5:17 AM

    I used to go all out to achieve all the daily and weekly goals , but it clearly is not worth the effort. I am infact playing less and less, and one day soon I hope to have the courage to stop playing regularly . I have pride in over 2000 consec days , but I also find it a burden to keep playing ! Lol