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Tue, Jan 11 2022 2:25 PM (167 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Tue, Aug 17 2021 4:45 PM


    I played a guy yesterday and I was first to hit and noticed that I had no meter. I tell him that and he left the game and came back and I had a meter. I birdied the first two holes and he pared both, he left the game and came back and he birdied six of the last seven holes and I had one bogey and six pars. He would never say anything, so this would lead me to believe something wasn’t right with him. 

      Sounds to me like he was wanting to continue in a fair round . If he reconnected on your account after telling him your meter had disappeared . He sounds like a good guy to me .

      Some just don't chat at all . Probably 10 % of the players I see .

      Also the jury is still out on what or who actually initiates the

      It may be the opponent . Sometimes it is . It may be the program sensing you were lacking your meter files , or other features such as the apparel , etc .

  • Mythanatos
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    Wed, Aug 18 2021 6:34 AM

    noticed that I had no meter.

    it's a display bug. happens from time to time.

    reloading the game will make it go away. next time it happens just close the app and reboot it.

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    Fri, Aug 20 2021 2:11 AM

    excuse me for asking..where are the settings so i can report cheating,


  • Jerrodcaldwell53
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    Sat, Oct 2 2021 11:07 AM

    I have found out that they take forever to load. There's a program they are using they generate credits and coins and have to buy the best putter they can. Also they all almost have 150 averages and no stats. ask them if they are using swing master or always ding program and see if there game all of a sudden goes like poop. they almost always put the second shot right next to the hole. it screws my day up when you get beat by cheaters when you always pay your real money not computer generated money. I right all there names down while playing. and just keep asking wich program they are using. they soon will quit and back out rather than quit the right way. So that waste your coin game 30 minutes,


                                       CHEATERS SUCK!!!!!!

  • DuFussMcGoo
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    Sat, Oct 23 2021 7:13 PM

    excuse me for asking..where are the settings so i can report cheating,

    Yesterday I qualified in the latest Topgolf tournament, and as I usually do, I look at the top qualifiers to see what apparel they have, what equipment they use, etc... 

    Guess what? The 2nd place qualifier, MRVU7191, at -12, was an AMATEUR who just started, and used starter equipment! Really? An AMATEUR going -12 with starter balls and equipment does not exist unless they are a cheater.

    I immediately contacted WGT HELP CENTER and reported the cheater.

    They have removed the player from WGT, and refunded my fee (10 credits !!whoppee!!)

    but what about the player in position 51 who missed the cut?

    Player "NUMBNUTS201" (why the heck do they pick these names?) missed the cut at -3, and he's the only one at -3 to miss.Even if he finished 100th he'd have won 1,000 coins, a tee shirt, and a Taylormade TP5 ball, and I doubt he'd finish 100th.

    I posted a message on his wall to tell him what I see, and re-contacted WGT as well.




  • bossbird
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    Sun, Oct 24 2021 12:22 AM

    There is one in my showdown too whom I have reported , been playing less than a week , has all titleist equipment , only one friend , guess who gifted all that equipment ! On -14 , as a pro , it is so blatant. However breath deeply , it’s only a game , he is a cheat , not me , and I’ll gotten gains , what does that prove of his personality ! 

  • Mythanatos
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    Sun, Oct 24 2021 1:25 AM

    not that it's excusable... but if yall weren't in the rookie league it wouldn't be an issue. do the other two and it's set tees.  probabnly won't have the clubs to  compete in those leagues. 

  • bossbird
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    Sun, Oct 24 2021 4:48 AM

    I would rather not be forced to play in a competition I know I couldn’t compete well in . That’s why we have choices , but they should all be fair. Until I am able to finish regularly in top ten in rookie , what’s the point making up the fodder in veteran ? 
    Also , even if I were in veteran competition , it doesn’t make it right for those lower tiered players to have to be cheated by cheaters , does it.  

  • craigswan
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    Sun, Oct 24 2021 4:57 AM

    I joined a coin game head to head against an american player .

    One hole only .

    I went first and hit my drive .

    Before he hit he sent me a message .

    Are you a nig ger .

    I ignored that and kept on playing .

    We eventually made the green .

    Then another message came thru .

    You nig ger's are everywhere .

    I was actually a bit shocked .

    I must have a great sun tan on my avator .

  • bossbird
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    Sun, Oct 24 2021 6:03 AM

    Reported , I hope Craig , it just shouldn’t be tolerated , and I hope you beat him !