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|| Apparel Megathread || 🏌️

Fri, Oct 13 2023 5:41 AM (119 replies)
  • Shadowridge85
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    Tue, May 11 2021 12:20 PM

    Wow.....1st off, Thank You for the time and effort it must have taken for this post! I just want to mention that my gear is working for me in ranked rounds, as I didn't see it in your post at the General Intro. I can also say that I have used the Epic C/M knicks which add SandSP and since I have been using C/M shoes for that Sand Power and the Putting Forgiveness, I noticed that bunker shots were going to far, so I hope that helps anyone wondering. On Rough Power I have stayed with the 1 boost on the S/E Hat and only know that it works for me just by getting used to it I suppose. I might add the shorts in practice and share the results , LoL. Also I totally agree that C/M is not too good. I putt better with the Epic low level 1or 2 now I think, than with the big bonus numbers on my common Knickers. The Shoes are very good for me though, at this point in my experience. I will say that losing putt stats by going all S/E doesn't seem to hurt much at all. I have found a mix that is working for me right now, though I know a better combo is in my gear that I need not rush to find, since these spin numbers still are the big mystery for me. 

                                             Now on coins though, why do you say they are useless? They are the only way I got my apparel upgrades. Is there another way? And coins will drop in sponsor packs if you are maxed at level 10? 2500Coins? Anyway Thank You for all the info! So Long for now :)


  • Shadowridge85
    8 Posts
    Tue, May 11 2021 12:25 PM

    Forgot SweetSpot........Isn't this just widening the room we have left and right of our perfect shot line? It seems that is the case for non putts at least. 

  • DickDriveer
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    Wed, May 12 2021 9:46 AM

    The apparel system is broken.

    Glitches exists in every part of the game because of apparel. Apparel is as likely to influence a ranked round or tournament (non active apparel) as it is to fail to function properly in a coin room/turf war/showdown or club clash.

    No matter the level or tier of the equipped apparel it will randomly stop working, sometimes for days. Even if no apparel is equipped it will OFTEN apply the bonuses of your opponents apparel to your avatar or some other randomly selected apparel bonuses... Forcing standard shots to respond inexplicably erratic and in most, >70%, cases it will result in the loss of multiple balls and strokes.

    The apparel system does not function as stated and should be deactivated and removed from the game completely.

    Let the glitches begin!!!

  • Shadowridge85
    8 Posts
    Wed, May 12 2021 1:35 PM

    Hey Iggy,

                        What I have found with my 2 gear items that have SandsurfacePower is that yes they stack at least in sand. I believe the Putt Forgives work the same but maybe best with no PuttPrecision and SweetSpot from C/M ......I have the shoes on and am toying with the Epic and common on Putting bonuses. High 4give and low Precision and Swtspt seem to work better but yesterday higher putt bonuses did help and worked better. I am still a total novice , but that has been my exp. Hope it helps on these hard to figure bonuses......Have fun :) Oh and if you are a good putter use 4give and some other putt boosts....LoL....I am just playing with em and will go back to 4give only if I do not get better ...hehe