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Sat, Nov 5 2022 7:48 PM (112 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Tue, May 4 2021 12:04 PM

    I wondered what the trailblazer thing was about and had to a bit of searching.

      All you had to do was look on your wall

    WELL DONE click here . And here and here .

    It is true I initially joined back when WGT was pretty new.  Didn't do much on it back then with few courses,

      The " TRAILBLAZER ' criteria is to have a start date of 2007 , 2008 , or 2009 . And be active in the last couple few months . You would not believe how hard it was to find the 500 " TRAILBLAZERS " that are now active . It took many months and I looked at 5000 profiles . 

      You fit the criteria . There are some that have played all along that are Tour Pro's , Masters , & Tour Masters as well . All the way up to Tour Champions . Whatever the case . These are who I found to be the most welcoming and outstanding friends as I first joined in 2012 .

      I had to draw the line somewhere . 2007 -2009 . Or the list would've been ridiculous . 

      Because of course . There are just as many if not more to thank form 2010 right up to the present . 

  • pdb1
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    Tue, May 4 2021 12:18 PM



    I'll say this again

    Careful my friend... the PC Forum Police might crawl out from underneath their favorite rock and report you. They have been known to do such a thing from time to time.


    For the record though... ROTFLMAO



    It's not an attack at any individual. It's a general assessment. 

    Unless the wussy woke have now outlawed the word retarded. I can't keep track any more. 

    Edit : I believe that is actually what has happened . Similar to the N word . And midget .

    :migets lol:

      Is not appropriate .

      It is just about respect and common sense . Especially in these WGT forums . We must monitor ourselves . Because there is no professional moderation . Monitoring these pages . Only the 

    PC Forum Police

      Which is comprised of WGT users . 

      Moderation only barely takes them seriously . 

      There is no rhyme or reason or written protocol for what and who the Moderation Dept . chooses to moderate or punish . 

      Even if this post sees the light of day . Your content will go unnoticed . 

  • pdb1
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    Wed, May 5 2021 8:41 PM

      So I decided to play a 180,000 coin round . My opponent is a Hack . I thought ringer right away . But he was only average . But being a Hack . He was 5 yds out on the 1st green . He got a GIMME . So it was tied . 

      On the second hole on CCC . It was that semi long one . That cuts right . Lol . The shot was 238 yds 14" down 10 mph head wind . So I hit my enhanced to 234 yd 3 iron . The damn thing went 270 yds OB . Into the wind . 

      On the 3rd hole he was up by one . Again 5 yds out he gets a GIMME . I was 1 yd . But I didn't get to putt . And neither did he . He won . without putting . 

      I can barely walk right now . My butt hurts .

  • Shadowridge85
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    Tue, May 11 2021 12:20 PM

    Wow.....1st off, Thank You for the time and effort it must have taken for this post! I just want to mention that my gear is working for me in ranked rounds, as I didn't see it in your post at the General Intro. I can also say that I have used the Epic C/M knicks which add SandSP and since I have been using C/M shoes for that Sand Power and the Putting Forgiveness, I noticed that bunker shots were going to far, so I hope that helps anyone wondering. On Rough Power I have stayed with the 1 boost on the S/E Hat and only know that it works for me just by getting used to it I suppose. I might add the shorts in practice and share the results , LoL. Also I totally agree that C/M is not too good. I putt better with the Epic low level 1or 2 now I think, than with the big bonus numbers on my common Knickers. The Shoes are very good for me though, at this point in my experience. I will say that losing putt stats by going all S/E doesn't seem to hurt much at all. I have found a mix that is working for me right now, though I know a better combo is in my gear that I need not rush to find, since these spin numbers still are the big mystery for me. 

                                             Now on coins though, why do you say they are useless? They are the only way I got my apparel upgrades. Is there another way? And coins will drop in sponsor packs if you are maxed at level 10? 2500Coins? Anyway Thank You for all the info! So Long for now :)


  • Shadowridge85
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    Tue, May 11 2021 12:25 PM

    Forgot SweetSpot........Isn't this just widening the room we have left and right of our perfect shot line? It seems that is the case for non putts at least. 

  • DickDriveer
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    Wed, May 12 2021 9:46 AM

    The apparel system is broken.

    Glitches exists in every part of the game because of apparel. Apparel is as likely to influence a ranked round or tournament (non active apparel) as it is to fail to function properly in a coin room/turf war/showdown or club clash.

    No matter the level or tier of the equipped apparel it will randomly stop working, sometimes for days. Even if no apparel is equipped it will OFTEN apply the bonuses of your opponents apparel to your avatar or some other randomly selected apparel bonuses... Forcing standard shots to respond inexplicably erratic and in most, >70%, cases it will result in the loss of multiple balls and strokes.

    The apparel system does not function as stated and should be deactivated and removed from the game completely.

    Let the glitches begin!!!

  • pdb1
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    Wed, May 12 2021 12:32 PM

     Now on coins though, why do you say they are useless? They are the only way I got my apparel upgrades. Is there another way? And coins will drop in sponsor packs if you are maxed at level 10? 2500Coins? Anyway Thank You for all the info! So Long for now :)


    Forgot SweetSpot........Isn't this just widening the room we have left and right of our perfect shot line? It seems that is the case for non putts at least. 

      I would like to offer my opinion here .   About the value of coins and apparel enhancements .

      I have been playing the mobile version for nearly a decade . But I didn't know about or start the coin games until inside of probably 3 years ago . I have played enough coin rounds to have MAXED out about half of them .( the apparels ) .

      I use the apparel ON . In coin games only . I have switched around the enhancements . Trying to see or feel the benefits . Quite a few rounds . At least several hundred .

      I also play SINGLE PLAYER UNLIMITED PLAY stroke play , MP stroke play and alt shot . Without apparel enhancements .

      You are reporting noticing favorable results with some and not so favorable with others .

      Personally . I have not felt or seen any benefit to any of it .

      Personally . I am more comfortable with and accurate with the true stats of my equipment .

      I believe that you are aware of a difference for the better . I am just not . In fact club distance enhancements are not as accurate as the true distance of the club .Distance is the only enhancement that I have been able to verify .


      This is why I believe the answer to your SWEETSPOT question is NO .

      I don't think there is anyway possible ( especially with the %'s that they claim . )

      That those precise calculations . Regulated completely by the VEM . Can be altered or adjusted at all . Much less by the amount that is claimed .

      Just no friggin way .


    NEW PICS UPLOAD Skulla13

    Edit : Am I saying that I believe E 1 is being buffaloed ? Yes I am .

    If those adjustments were even attempted . Just by the numbers of players . WGT would crash in 2 seconds . Just my opinion only .

  • Shadowridge85
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    Wed, May 12 2021 1:35 PM

    Hey Iggy,

                        What I have found with my 2 gear items that have SandsurfacePower is that yes they stack at least in sand. I believe the Putt Forgives work the same but maybe best with no PuttPrecision and SweetSpot from C/M ......I have the shoes on and am toying with the Epic and common on Putting bonuses. High 4give and low Precision and Swtspt seem to work better but yesterday higher putt bonuses did help and worked better. I am still a total novice , but that has been my exp. Hope it helps on these hard to figure bonuses......Have fun :) Oh and if you are a good putter use 4give and some other putt boosts....LoL....I am just playing with em and will go back to 4give only if I do not get better ...hehe

  • pdb1
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    Wed, May 12 2021 2:38 PM


    This is what I'm curious about...


    Are Apparel Bonuses Added Together?

    I will use putting forgiveness as an example.  If my hat gives me 32% forgiveness and my shoes give me 22% forgiveness, does that mean I have a total of 54%, or does the higher of the two override the lower?  What I am trying to figure out is if I get 32% from my hat can I forgo the 22% from the shoes and pick a different pair that gives me more distance on my driver.  



      My question is . How is it they ( WGT ) can manipulate with the forgiveness %'s like that with any degree of seriousness . I don't think they can . Not that much anyway .

    VEM does its own adjusting automatically . Based on the frequency and success each player has on each shot .

    Forgiveness is based on how much distance and precision one loses when one misses the ding .

    Drivers and Irons range at somewhere between 2.0 & 5.0 forgiveness .

    22% & 32% seems like an awfully high percentage to be playing with .

    I'm just saying . WTF are they talking about ?


      If every player . Every 30 minutes . Some several thousand plus players . Were to adjust up , down , back , more , less , none , and back up , down , more , less .

      To the degree and % that we are lead to believe is possible . 

      As sensitive as this program is . Connection wise . Multiple player wise . Transitioning from shot to shot . Hole to hole . Even playing solo .

      It is very hard for me to imagine . This program being able to even attempt to make these severe adjustments . For 30 minutes . Much less . At all times . 24/7 .

      Not to mention that the VEM would have to be completely disabled . For any of that to be possible .

      That makes it impossible . Because the game would crash .

  • pdb1
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    Wed, May 12 2021 2:48 PM


      With my bad internet . I am lucky to have broken even in the CasaBlanca Room . For the last 2 years .

    IE : I have never hit 1,000,000 coins . My highest has been 900,000 . Am at 800,000 presently .

      I now have hit 1,000,000

      I know most of you are in the billions . Not me .