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Thu, Sep 21 2023 10:54 AM (115 replies)
  • bossbird
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    Fri, May 14 2021 8:52 AM


     Now on coins though, why do you say they are useless? They are the only way I got my apparel upgrades. Is there another way? And coins will drop in sponsor packs if you are maxed at level 10? 2500Coins? Anyway Thank You for all the info! So Long for now :)


    Forgot SweetSpot........Isn't this just widening the room we have left and right of our perfect shot line? It seems that is the case for non putts at least. 

      I would like to offer my opinion here .   About the value of coins and apparel enhancements .

      I have been playing the mobile version for nearly a decade . But I didn't know about or start the coin games until inside of probably 3 years ago . I have played enough coin rounds to have MAXED out about half of them .( the apparels ) .

      I use the apparel ON . In coin games only . I have switched around the enhancements . Trying to see or feel the benefits . Quite a few rounds . At least several hundred .

      I also play SINGLE PLAYER UNLIMITED PLAY stroke play , MP stroke play and alt shot . Without apparel enhancements .

      You are reporting noticing favorable results with some and not so favorable with others .

      Personally . I have not felt or seen any benefit to any of it .

      Personally . I am more comfortable with and accurate with the true stats of my equipment .

      I believe that you are aware of a difference for the better . I am just not . In fact club distance enhancements are not as accurate as the true distance of the club .Distance is the only enhancement that I have been able to verify .


      This is why I believe the answer to your SWEETSPOT question is NO .

      I don't think there is anyway possible ( especially with the %'s that they claim . )

      That those precise calculations . Regulated completely by the VEM . Can be altered or adjusted at all . Much less by the amount that is claimed .

      Just no friggin way .


    NEW PICS UPLOAD Skulla13

    Edit : Am I saying that I believe E 1 is being buffaloed ? Yes I am .

    If those adjustments were even attempted . Just by the numbers of players . WGT would crash in 2 seconds . Just my opinion only .

    Paul if you have been playing mobile for a decade , why didn’t you play me , when I and some of my friends joined the club you owned , a few years ago. I have never heard you say that you have played mobile . The reason we didn’t stay , was because there were not enough mobile players . Lesley

  • Shadowridge85
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    Fri, May 14 2021 6:42 PM

    I thought you were the one who posted the bewilderment on the SweetSpot.........hey I am not arguing, just responding to somebodies post on REALLY when I use my gear that changes the SweetSpots, I totally see the area on the meter around the Perfect Hit line change accordingly. That's what it is and it is no huge deal that will CRASH all WGT gamers. It just gives you more space to stop nearer to center. My 3wood is a perfect example. I have SS geared for my Driver and Irons and for me with the meter speeds we have, it helps a little bit! If you ever care to log on to my player you could change the gear and see the horizon of the SS get It is true, and all it does is help you stay on target which help's any golfer. ...Cheers mate....Oh and hey what is the VEM you speak of?    

                                       And you have to understand that those SS bonus numbers are not based on Percents out of 100....They are just numbers that WGT's codes use. My Iron and Driver sweets spots are not close to 40% wider, they are however wide enough to notice and to give you those nanosecond decisions for the meter STOP more (slightly) in tune with your desire. Once again it is not huge , but definite to these old Diabetic eyes. You should try it. My Driver with S/E distance, SS bonus, and meter speed bonus, is really helping my game. Golf on Brother! Till the next soon...Can I add you? Your user name is Birdog?

  • bossbird
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    Sat, May 15 2021 10:38 AM

    Paul I am not sorry things turned out the way they have , I love being owner of my small club , but I just can’t recall you ever being a mobile player. 

     You mentioning cc play and matches you played in , but I think cc clash tournaments were always available to both mobile and pc players.

    Anyway life has moved on , and from my experience as a mobile only player all the apparel enhancements are worth having , as long as you have the coins to upgrade them . 

  • bossbird
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    Tue, May 18 2021 11:35 PM


      I am either having a brain fart . Or there really is no way to turn off apparel . In coin games . Or in Solo Stroke Play .

      I know how to turn it off when creating a game .

      I know how to decline a Sponsor . Which doesn't turn off apparel .

      Is there a way to play without apparel bonus ?

    As far as I know , only by wearing all items that have no apparel enhancements ,