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becoming tour Legend

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Thu, Dec 24 2020 7:38 PM (23 replies)
  • Robert1893
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    Thu, Dec 24 2020 7:29 AM


    I'm resurrecting this post because a lot of players spoke with such conviction, and yet couldn't be more wrong.

    I was promoted to Tour Pro with an average of 72 I think because I came second in a weekly tournament.  I was promoted to Master 3 days later with an average of 69.  I was promoted to Tour Master with a average of 67.5 after shooting low in a tournament. At this time I'd never played a Ready Go.  I entered 2 RG's and was promoted to Legend with an average of 65.5 the very next day.

    So the information about "how it works" is plain wrong.  And if the info is how it is actually supposed to work then it is broken badly.

    No one wrote that's the only way to tier up. There are multiple approaches to tiering up. The information was not wrong. It's correct for that method. 

    The initial question dealt with the traditional or most common way of tiering up that players have taken. That's been through playing ranked rounds. That was the context, and that's what we addressed. 

    To use an analogy, it's like asking for directions to go to a destination. Someone lays out a map for how to get there. Then someone else says, "That's wrong! You can get there this other way. I know. I've done it!"

    Well, no, the first route is not wrong. You just happened to know another route to get there. 



  • Yiannis1970
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    Thu, Dec 24 2020 7:41 AM

    As Robert says there are many routes. Another one is to beat consistently higher tiers in match plays (my case till legend status).

  • EricW55
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    Thu, Dec 24 2020 2:46 PM

    Thanks for the reply Robert.

    I wasn't playing matches.  Just tournament and practice rounds along with Showdown coin games.  So I assumed I was following the above approach.

    Academic now though.  767,243 more xp and I'll unlock the equipment I need to compete again.

  • Robert1893
    6,606 Posts
    Thu, Dec 24 2020 7:38 PM


    If you were playing coin games, WGT has a separate set of criteria for tiering up. I don't know of anyone who knows what the criteria is for sure. We do seem to know that, in part, it's tied to levels. A while back, a moderator even posted something to that effect. 

    And I do agree with you that you probably need to get to higher levels that will allow you to unlock the equipment that will make you truly competitive.