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WGT Desktop Early Access for Mac

Sat, Nov 25 2023 10:05 AM (290 replies)
  • Dex000
    109 Posts
    Thu, Oct 22 2020 1:21 PM

    Other than the lack of camera angles, and the stupid magic clothes, the NV is superior to flash in nearly every way. You no longer get the occasional jumpy meter on the NV, and that alone makes it a huge improvement for me. 

  • leewebb
    48 Posts
    Sun, Oct 25 2020 10:28 AM

    I've spent the last 6 months or so playing the flash version heavily and I love it, but I know things are changing and we have to move with the times.

    However, every time I've tried the new version, I just can't get on with it. 

    I don't know how much of this is specific to my mac; it's a 2011 model with an i7 processor, an SSD and a decent amount of memory.

    The meter bar is so, I dunno, vague.... it feels jittery... the response to the click seems to be completely different to the flash version in a way I can't work out at the moment. I'm missing the 'swing' icon too which kinda helps me target my click on the ding bar.

    The info and icons around the screen, the wind etc, are too small.

    Putting is a nightmare. I like to read my putt from the hole side and the putt info box just gets in the way, and the camera is so close to the hole that I can't drag the box back far enough. I can move it to the side but that's not how I read my putts. Also, when you click on the aim box, only around 10ft of the putt has the grid; the rest of it disappears.

    The 'green view'...does anyone actually use that?

    The avatar looks bad, the sound of the ball landing is bad (seems delayed) and in general the ball looks too big.

    Changing clubs; I can do this with one notch of the mouse wheel on the flash version, the new version takes more of a scroll.

  • Timeslayer
    15 Posts
    Sun, Oct 25 2020 6:17 PM

    Might as well just go fishing.The new formats all suck!

  • mightyj3
    44 Posts
    Mon, Oct 26 2020 1:39 AM

    Having been a mobile player with the occasional use of the flash version, yes it's completely different. 

    Now early access is identical to mobile  and flash is going.

     Changing clubs  with the wheel is easy I see no difference to that.

    Green grids I've not seen grid disappear  unless you now lock the green

    Green view for putting does work if you can learn to read the greens instead of just following dots. 

    Personally I like the new version over flash and yes some hate it and say they are quiting, well that's their choice.

    So many are frustrated I get that but give the new version a chance if not stop the whining and just quit 

  • leewebb
    48 Posts
    Mon, Oct 26 2020 6:13 AM

    FWIW, it's just my own constructive feedback based on my own experience with it, that's all.

    Personally, I'd like to see some consistency across the two versions. For example, the info at the top left and right of the screen. In the flash version wind info is on the right, in the new version it's on the left. Yes, it's a small thing and probably won't take long to 'retrain' but why change it?


  • leighbullock
    1,012 Posts
    Fri, Oct 30 2020 8:02 AM

    yeah I'm having same issue no wit launcher in app store and when i download wit launcher from google say's only for iPad or phone amp i meant to play when they stop the normal version ifs

  • MarchieB
    1,527 Posts
    Fri, Oct 30 2020 8:30 AM

    yeah I'm having same issue no wit launcher in app store and when i download wit launcher from google say's only for iPad or phone amp i meant to play when they stop the normal version ifs

    Try downloading the launcher using the link in the very first post in this thread.  
    The App Store/Google downloads are for mobile devices not a laptop or computer. 

  • mightyj3
    44 Posts
    Fri, Oct 30 2020 10:32 AM

    Have you tried downloading steam  then playing WGT trough that 

  • rookie54
    205 Posts
    Fri, Oct 30 2020 5:46 PM

    this app is the absolute worst thing i've ever encountered

    i've been playing this game (flash) for more than ten years and i've spent real money and thought it worth every dime

    avatars are the most goonish thing

    the "camera pans" up down up down up down drive me fooking nutzo

    there's no way to determine when to click the trigger

    i'm done

    this was great until you couldn't update what you had and make it playable

    even this post in a laughable forum is unmanageable

    my apologies to mightyj3, the only way i could find to post ANYTHING AT ALL was to reply to your post, when all i wanted to do was rant to folks who do not give a damn what any of us think

    you got my money topgolf, you do not get me

  • leighbullock
    1,012 Posts
    Fri, Oct 30 2020 8:08 PM

    hello mate i down loaded that version so many times but when i open it it comes up error can't run wit launcher1/run patcher threw administrator? plz help me it's doing my faking head in


    It's finally HERE! Download WGT in Early Access for Mac! 

    This release is the most current so all features are the same as the Windows version. 

    Be sure to let me know any feedback you have and any issues you encounter. 

    Please keep all feedback and issues in the WGT Desktop Early Access Forum.