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How to contact us and what to do in case of errors or bugs

Thu, Mar 14 2024 9:58 PM (1,186 replies)
  • youngsteezy
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    Wed, Aug 10 2011 5:25 PM

    can you tell me what this is? This has happened a lot of times to me. I have to close the window to get rid of it and it will not let me forfeit the match. If you look it says the game was started in 1969. Is this a clitch or is someone trying to hack my account? Any answers would be great.

    Thank you- steezy


  • joesworld2
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    Fri, Aug 12 2011 9:40 PM


    Since there are many ways that errors can be reported, I wanted to breakdown types of errors and how each should be reported. Hopefully this would explain why it’s important to report certain errors in a specific matter and what should be done on your end before reporting such error.

                    The reason for this is simple: if we cannot reproduce the error, then we cannot find it or fix it. There are also many errors that are not game errors but rather errors with the medium (interaction between game, flash, browser, players computer), which only affect individual computers;  therefore, doing some basic maintenance should fix most of them.

    1)      Loading error. This can be a failure to load, some kind of crash during loading, unusual meter performance or overall game lag.  The best way to report these is via right clicking and submitting a detailed error report right as it occurs/or just occurred while still remaining in that game. The reasoning for it is simple: when such reports are generated, they give us many details about the game that we cannot get from anywhere else. Also, it helps when the person fills out detailed report mentioning exactly what had happened. Sometimes maybe they notice 1 of the game elements had failed to load or something else which may be invaluable for us. This link gives an example of a proper bug report. If/when someone submits a report which may have no details and just say “fix this”, it tells us nothing; therefore, we will likely no ‘fix that’.

    2)      Failure to load pro shop, not seeing clubs, erratic performance after a downtime. Constant disconnecting/logging out of All of these are symptoms of flash issues. The first thing anyone should do is clear cookies and temp files in both flash and browsers and then try again. If that does not work, then do the same for other browsers one at a time and then try them. Most of the time it will fix the issues.  Below are details on how to properly clear all flash/browser cookies and temp files:

      • Clear Browser cache: Click here for instructions.
      • Clear Adobe Flash cache: Click here , and click the "Delete all sites" button in the Settings Manager.

    3)      Few recent issues that have been happening and what to do about it.

    a.       Chrome will automatically clear cookies/temp files upon exit, so it will force you to relogin each time. This can be fixed by checking optionsà under the hoodà content settings à cookies and making sure the clearing option is not checked.

    b. or game fails to load. Some antivirus’ are overzealous and wrongly identify some parts of game client/website as malicious and block it without alerting or letting user know why. Many different antiviruses work differently, but generally by adding into trust zone should fix the problem. The way to test it is by disabling antivirus and going back to and if it works without it, then that’s where the problem lies.

    4)      when you report the error, in-game error reports do not generate a personal reply. Also, most of the time 1 error report will not initiate immediate action but if several folks report same issue, then it would be automatically escalated into a priority queue.

    5)      In some cases it will take a bit of time to receive credits from your completion of surveys or offers, but if you believe an inordinate amount of time has passed and you still have not received your credits, please fill out a support request.  To do this, click the CONTACT SUPPORT link at the top right of the offer status page. This support page will show you the status of offers you have completed and allow you to send a request to our partners at TrialPay who process the offers and who should be able to help.

    6)      The most important point is to search forums prior to posting an error.  95% of all errors already have at least few threads dedicated to them which have answers and advice or recommendations.

    7)      Lastly, I could be contacted directly via my profile page. Either post on my wall or send me a private message.



  • willscotn
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    Mon, Aug 15 2011 3:12 AM

    have lost 235 fairway wood from my equipment,went to bed last night uk time checked this am and its not there so no idea what happened.if you can tell me what happened


  • WGTicon
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    Mon, Aug 15 2011 8:55 AM


    have lost 235 fairway wood from my equipment,went to bed last night uk time checked this am and its not there so no idea what happened.if you can tell me what happened



    did you check your inventory from the game?


  • borntobesting
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    Mon, Aug 15 2011 9:27 AM


    have lost 235 fairway wood from my equipment,went to bed last night uk time checked this am and its not there so no idea what happened.if you can tell me what happened


    The 235 level 58+ G10 3 wood is still showing as active on your profile page.

  • willscotn
    88 Posts
    Mon, Aug 15 2011 10:19 AM

    hi sorry was was looking in wrong place under driver than fairway wood silly me thanks

    but club changed when not at pc so weird

  • reefglider
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    Mon, Aug 15 2011 12:47 PM

    Dear WGTicon,

    I previously sent you a post saying that i paid for and played the ready to go front nine(or back nine-i played both) at Royal St Georges on 8/14/2011, shot a 38 and it never posted in my scores. i know it was completed because i challenged a friend to beat the 38. cost me 100 credits for nothing.

    i pulled out of the other nine on the last green because it might mess up the first nine i had played before. so now i have paid 200 credits for nothing.

    Then I tried to play the ready to go 18 hole at Royal St Georges, birdied 1st hole, bogeyed the 2nd and logged off for the day. This am went to resume game and it is 300 credits for nothing.

    Please fix or put the credits back in my account.

    Thanks, Reefglider.

  • WGTicon
    12,511 Posts
    Mon, Aug 15 2011 1:40 PM


    I only see you posted 40 at STA front 9. You said yourself u pulled out of the other 9, so it never posted a score.

    same goes for 18 holes. once you start it, you have certain # of time to finish it, I think it's 12 hrs after tournament fills out. Once thats done, the entree is invalidated.

    I recommend you read ready-go rules, as they should clarify most questions.


  • drewmar98
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    Thu, Aug 18 2011 6:00 PM

    It is clear that lately WGT has changed the putting difficulty by leaps and bounds.  Mind you that I have become a Tour Master a few days ago and I now play Tourney speed all the time. How is it that as a Master I thrived even on tournament speed with Tour Masters playing. Now, I cant sink a putt beyond 4 feet to save my life. I'm the same guy with the same computer(s). What is going on? I am stressed to no end and now its frustrating to play.



  • renniw52
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    Thu, Aug 18 2011 7:52 PM

    Your just another one of us who have been stung by the WGT profit pool. I have lost more balls in the last month and missed more putts that I have made hundreds of times. It seems that moving up and spending more time on here has become a burden instead of an enjoyable venture. I guess we need to just keep playing until they figure it out or we just quit. It's our choice. Nobody but me is keeping me on here. I really enjoy the friends and deal with the rest of it. You'll notice that you will forfeit game after game because of the un explainable bogeys, but your balls keep wearing out and you keep buying new ones. All part of the Master Plan, great game, not cheap if you want to move up.