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How to contact us and what to do in case of errors or bugs

Thu, Mar 14 2024 9:58 PM (1,186 replies)
  • WGTicon
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    Wed, Jun 15 2011 1:06 PM

    *update* I added best way to contact us on top of this post.

    Feel free to contact our customer support or via my profile page. Either post on my wall or send me a private message.

    Since there are many ways that errors can be reported, I wanted to breakdown types of errors and how each should be reported. Hopefully this would explain why it’s important to report certain errors in a specific matter and what should be done on your end before reporting such error.

                    The reason for this is simple: if we cannot reproduce the error, then we cannot find it or fix it. There are also many errors that are not game errors but rather errors with the medium (interaction between game, flash, browser, players computer), which only affect individual computers;  therefore, doing some basic maintenance should fix most of them.

    1)      Loading error. This can be a failure to load, some kind of crash during loading, unusual meter performance or overall game lag.  The best way to report these is via right clicking and submitting a detailed error report right as it occurs/or just occurred while still remaining in that game. The reasoning for it is simple: when such reports are generated, they give us many details about the game that we cannot get from anywhere else. Also, it helps when the person fills out detailed report mentioning exactly what had happened. Sometimes maybe they notice 1 of the game elements had failed to load or something else which may be invaluable for us. This link gives an example of a proper bug report. If/when someone submits a report which may have no details and just say “fix this”, it tells us nothing; therefore, we will likely no ‘fix that’.

    2)      Failure to load pro shop, not seeing clubs, erratic performance after a downtime. Constant disconnecting/logging out of All of these are symptoms of flash issues. The first thing anyone should do is clear cookies and temp files in both flash and browsers and then try again. If that does not work, then try playing in other browsers and if same issues occur, repeat the steps above. Most of the time it will fix the issues.  Below are details on how to properly clear all flash/browser cookies and temp files:

      • Clear Browser cache: Click here for instructions.
      • Clear Adobe Flash cache: Click here , and click the "Delete all sites" button in the Settings Manager.

    3)      Few recent issues that have been happening and what to do about it.

    a.       Chrome will automatically clear cookies/temp files upon exit, so it will force you to relogin each time. This can be fixed by checking optionsà under the hoodà content settings à cookies and making sure the clearing option is not checked.

    b. or game fails to load. Some antivirus’ are overzealous and wrongly identify some parts of game client/website as malicious and block it without alerting or letting user know why. Many different antiviruses work differently, but generally by adding into trust zone should fix the problem. The way to test it is by disabling antivirus and going back to and if it works without it, then that’s where the problem lies.

    4)      when you report the error, in-game error reports do not generate a personal reply. Also, most of the time 1 error report will not initiate immediate action but if several folks report same issue, then it would be automatically escalated into a priority queue.

    5)      In some cases it will take a bit of time to receive credits from your completion of surveys or offers, but if you believe an inordinate amount of time has passed and you still have not received your credits, please fill out a support request.  To do this, click the CONTACT SUPPORT link at the top right of the offer status page. This support page will show you the status of offers you have completed and allow you to send a request to our partners at TrialPay who process the offers and who should be able to help.

    6)      The most important point is to search forums prior to posting an error.  95% of all errors already have at least few threads dedicated to them which have answers and advice or recommendations.


  • sixkiller
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    Sun, Jul 10 2011 4:19 PM

    Nicely done, Icon. Very informative!

  • LindaLuvsTiger
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    Tue, Jul 12 2011 2:58 PM

    When I went to put $5.00 on I typed it in but forgot to click on the "CIRCLE" so when it said is that what you want I didn't notice and said OK  Then said I had 5000 credits.  I can't afford it and email you all yesterday 7/11/2011.  I havent  heard back and heard hundreds of people say you all don't respond timely with emails.  I was instructeed to email which I did. 

    When will I hear back???  A timely response from WGT is generally with 1-3 days.  That's only fair when players make HUGE $$$$ mistakes especially when they can't afford that.  Money issues should always be a top priority with EMAILS.

    That's what all  poker sites did whenever there was money issues.  You need to understand that not all people are rich and can't afford $50.00.  Yes, I made the mistake but Yes you should respond timely.

    Thank you!


  • ZOZO76
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    Wed, Jul 13 2011 10:53 AM


  • jhubby
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    Mon, Jul 18 2011 4:31 AM

    Dear WGT Admin,

    Since you introduced the new consecutive days played I have gone from having 189 consecutive days played in the old set up  to ZERO in the new setup this means the amount of exp and points gained is drastically reduced.And since the new setup was introduced i have Played everyday and it now shows ZERO. What are you guys doing???? this is absolutely crazy stuff. Please do something about your clock for people on this side of the Atlantic, we are 5 to seven hours ahead can you allow for this please?????


    Irate JHUBBY

  • joedale
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    Fri, Jul 22 2011 10:24 AM

    your taking balls out of play much to fast,three balls in 6 or 7 games.much to fast!

  • club578
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    Fri, Jul 22 2011 2:34 PM

    why do they take balls you buy out of play?

  • club578
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    Fri, Jul 22 2011 2:37 PM

    why are there only 4 courses for stroke play

  • MadMP
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    Fri, Jul 22 2011 3:56 PM

      I made that mistake twice because I wasn't paying attention. I'm sure there's a bunch more who did the same thing. I'm just more careful now

  • TheBaldguy
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    Fri, Jul 29 2011 7:49 AM