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Choppy meter with spider putter specially at 25 ft power

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Mon, Aug 31 2009 2:20 PM (2 replies)
  • sumitkaushal
    32 Posts
    Sat, Aug 29 2009 6:15 PM

    Is any one else is having this problem..

    since yesterday the meter is very choppy...but today the rest seems ok..

    but with the spider putter especially at 25 ft power..its real choppy..

    is there any particular reason for it.. has ny1 else noticed it or its just my observation..

    any comments are welcome..


  • BeachGolf
    119 Posts
    Mon, Aug 31 2009 1:36 PM

    Well, it looks like the bar goes faster when you are closer to the maximum distance on the meter.  So, when you do a 25 ft putt, it goes the fastest.  If your frame rate isn't as good, it will look more jumpy than on the shorter putts, which go slower.  Probably not much you can do, but maybe try it on the 50 ft setting and see if it smooths out.

  • marioh
    1,055 Posts
    Mon, Aug 31 2009 2:20 PM

    If it's not already disabled, disable the putting grid in the Options.   Don't worry, it only gets rid of the grid once you start your putt.

    If it's already off, try to flush your Flash cache instead.

    My putter also tends to stutter, but typically only in multi player games.