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Titles and Matchups

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Tue, Apr 23 2024 9:17 AM (1 replies)
  • OkapiWoods
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    Sun, Apr 21 2024 6:50 AM

    Hello, I am a casual player and I was wondering about a couple of things.

    1. Titles. At the moment I am a Tour Pro at Level 90. Although I level up I seem to have been a Tour Pro for ages. My questions is

    "How do you get to be a Master or Legend?"

    I am quite content to be a Tour Pro as I get better Tee positions. I was just curious.


    2. Matchups. Most of my time is in the Rooms mainly the 2500 coin and 10000 coin. 95% of the time I am outgunned by a Legend or Master. I try but usually get done over.

    Do Tour Pros not play in these rooms?


    Thats it for mow



  • alosso
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    Tue, Apr 23 2024 9:17 AM

    "How do you get to be a Master or Legend?"

    There are several ways to tier up, but only the "stroke play" method is transparent to us players. So, by playing ranked stroke play rounds (those showing up in your game history), you need a 67.0 average for Master, 63.0 for Tour Master and 61.0 for Legend, along with a certain number of rounds in each tier. I'm afraid to say that none of the scores shown is low enough for the next tier - you'd have to raise your game!

    For that purpose, it may help to buy two short wedges, and to save some credits by changing from your super expensive balls to a lower price. I play

    Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track Balls (L33+) (250 cr)