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Dear Pabby

Mon, Dec 13 2021 8:56 AM (251 replies)
  • craigswan
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    Sat, Dec 4 2021 12:38 PM

    Dear pabby ,

    I'm going to sound really boring but I'm a water drinker at home.

    Even if I've got an early start for work, I still drink water not coffee. In the office it's water.

    After a long hard week at work, it'll still be a glass of water with my dinner.

    The only time I don't drink water is when I'm going to social events/going for dinner or to a bar.

    In an ideal world I'd still get tap water in these places too but that's sort of frowned upon so I'd rather not get judged like that.

    FYI I'm not just drinking water because it's cheap but because it's healthy too and I don't find it bland and boring.

    Anyway at a pub what's the cheapest drink you can have - non alcoholic (excluding water)?

    I have heard in uk as part of publican's licence they must supply water free .

     Is there a dispenser for iced water on the bar to serve yourself .

    Hope i can avoid my round when i have to buy 4 pints of lager, a large glass of wine and a orange squash for myself .

  • craigswan
    31,098 Posts
    Mon, Dec 13 2021 8:56 AM

    Dear pabby ,

    There’s fake news going around that I wear a toupee. Just because my hair is golden and lustrous, people think it’s not real and that I’m wearing a wig to hide male pattern baldness. The truth – it’s actually my hair, my hair. How can I convince people it’s real?

    I  have tried putting the section they claim is a toupee into some wee bunches or maybe i could attach some chains to it and ask someone to pull him along the street with a golf cart,

    I say,just ignore the naysayers and let them know who’s boss. .

    I am actually sending you a photo of myself naked, which is very, very nice. And interestingly my bottom is very hairy indeed .

    So it might be worth trying to make a feature of that area. .

    The  whole Tango vibe is really fun..

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