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Putting Math (not for the faint of heart)

Wed, Aug 27 2014 2:47 AM (74 replies)
  • nashkurt
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    Mon, Jul 21 2014 9:08 AM

    I HAVE TESTED YOUR FORMULA..and i should say very  welldone.....for very fast greens .its  quite bout letting me test the championship and tournament greens..if its possible ...

    your m,s and b.s should be ..tied in to  stim meter number ..tournament12,tournament 11,champs13 veryfast 10 and fast 9.....anyway welldone keep up the good work..

  • fatdan
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    Mon, Jul 21 2014 9:53 AM


    I love how people say, "this calculation works fine," and then go on to say "plus any modifications I make based on the actual putt."  That is exactly the point.  Ken is saying his formula takes away the on-the-fly manipulations, but I can't get his to make any sense at all.

    Because it does!

    Search VEM, then throw the exact science formula out the window...


    Here's an example of when the standard feet - inches plus 2 doesn't work...

    If you have a downhill put of 30 feet which goes down 20 inches, you'll blow by the hole significantly if you hit it 12 times whichever factor based on green speed you use, especially if you're on championship greens.

    Those formulas are a benchmark to go by for 98% of the putts you will have, after 3in or more up or down you need to adjust per common sense, like to .5, .4, .55, or guess and do what you learned over time, or don't do what you did when you blew by the hole....

    I had a 32 ft putt recently I hit at 7ft of power that went past the hole 1 1/2 ft....if you have a lot of downhill 30ft putts then putting isn't the problem, knowledge of the greens and approach shot is!

    As a side note, my green speed factors are 73% for championship, 77% for tourney 12, and 82% for tourney 11.  I'm not convinced those are the right numbers, but that's what I'm going with at the moment.

    Aaaaaa, welllll ok, if it works for you! Kinda obvious your guessing and trying to straighten the putts out long as you can make some, and those 4-6 footers coming back whatever works for you is ok with me! I hit some putts at 100% under 10ft, 200% under 3ft...

    there is a couple of systems that take almost all the guess work out of breaks but I'll let you find them, wouldn't want to give you any bad advice....



  • andyson
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    Mon, Jul 21 2014 10:28 AM

    I use the Turbo Encabulator for my putts.  Works great!!  Here's a video on how it works....

  • MainzMan
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    Mon, Jul 21 2014 1:13 PM


    I use the Turbo Encabulator for my putts.

    What a wonderful device.  And a bargain price too.

    I'll take two I think.  One for distance, one for direction.

  • Victoria47
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    Mon, Jul 21 2014 2:47 PM

    I wonder, Ken---

    your one-putt-rate is only 33,27%   !!!!!

    but should be minimum 60% with your math.

    stay fair, vic

  • JFidanza
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    Mon, Jul 21 2014 3:00 PM

    I admit my putting stats aren't great, but stats can be misleading to skill level.

    I played hundreds of ranked rounds at super speed and with little skill, on purpose, and many times 5 putted or more, just to get the large xp points while also using many of the xp boost products in the proshop, etc. Now I only post the very best scores I can achieve.

    My one putt % is low, but my longest putt stat is great, but like I said stats can be misleading to actual skill level.

    The point is is that some calculations, (I use davester's and fatdan's and others) may have merit, and I've only have just over a half a year on WGT, but I think people can go try these methods out and see whatever works for them. Or they can remain using what they like best.

    I agree about the common advice that proper power is the number one component to sinking a shot on the green.

  • fatdan
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    Mon, Jul 21 2014 3:22 PM


     (I use davester's and fatdan's and others)

    Not mine, I use it but someone else figured it out and if i could remember who I would mention his/her name LOL I couldn't figure out how a toaster works....


  • KenZarley
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    Mon, Jul 21 2014 8:21 PM

    The formula here is for Very Fast Greens

    y = mx + b

    y= HIT

    M=constant  (9.3966)

    x = variable which for this equation is slope of green = rise or drop divided by distance to hole.

    b is a constant = 0.8450 (essentially the factor for a flat green where x = 0).

    say 10 ft to hole 2 inches uphill so the math

    variable x = 2 inches divided by (10 ft * 12 inches/foot) = 0.01667

    HIT = 10 * ( 9.3966 * 0.01667 + 0.8450 ) + 1.0 feet  (for uphill)

    HIT = 11.016 feet 


    30 feet uphill 6 inches (same slope of green as previous example ) 

    HIT = 30 * ( 9.3966 * 0.01667 + 0.8450 ) + 1.0 = 31.05 feet

    50 feet uphill 21 inches ( x = 21/(12*50) = 0.035 so

    HIT = 50 * ( 9.3966 * 0.035 + 0.8450 ) + 1.0 = 59.69 ft



    10 ft down 1 inch (variable has to be multiplied by -1 as it is downhill)

    HIT = 10 * ( ( -1 ) * ( 9.3966 * 0.01667 + 0.8450 )  = 6.884 feet

    30 ft down 6 inches

    HIT = 30 * ((-1) * (9.3966 * 0.016667 + 0.845 )  = 20.651 feet

    50 ft down hill 21 inches 

    HIT = 50 * ((-1) * 9.3966 * 0.035 +0.845 ) = 25.806 feet


    I hope this clarifies. you will have to fudge for certain courses but this formula will be within 2 feet of length of putt (probably closer).  It won't help you read the curve however.  add 1-2 % of a putt if there is a LARGE curve.