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Tekoma's Putting Techniques vol.1

Sun, Nov 14 2021 7:39 PM (301 replies)
  • fatdan
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    Sun, Mar 30 2014 11:48 AM

    As accurate as you can get if you take your time and make sure you have the dot speed video required.

  • Joshnosh
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    Sun, Mar 30 2014 1:42 PM

    golds its just too complicated to comprehend if he made a programme it would be better :P

  • Steve2golf
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    Sun, Mar 30 2014 3:00 PM


    golds its just too complicated to comprehend if he made a programme it would be better :P

    I agree golds is complicated, but on the mark, it takes into account dot speed and distance.

    Here's a method I started with a while ago, it was an excel sheet I tweaked from Spammage, he gets full credit here for getting me thinking about the math and not me.

    First break down the dot speeds into Vslow, slow, Medium, fast and vfast. 5,4,3,2,1 in that order.

    Assign the following factors to above call them dot speed factors, 1= 3, 2 = 2, 3 = 1.5, 4 = 1.25 and 5 =.75

    Elevation factor Up = 36 down = 24 level equals 30

    Learn excel folks:

    (Distance without elevation X dot speed factor)  / (elevation)


    8 foot putt down hill vfast dots = 1 full box to aim (8 X 3 =24) 24/24 = 1

    Aim 1 full box

    Lets try 25 feet uphill with slow dots. (25 X 1.25 =31)  (31 /  36 = .87) .87% of a box to aim.

    Just a start folks, you can fine tune the factors and get far more precise. but just to show you there is a potential math to this madness.

    If the math comes out at some other number its how many boxs, or grids to aim.

    Simple, but don't expect to be dead eye dick with it, you need to know in order to be super accurate and perfect, every dot must be measured precisely to the 10th of a second, and the putt must be executed at a precise distance. Above will get you close and in lots though. But who wants to do that much precise math, not me certainly.

    But if you really want to get good, you need to take the above and practice and tweak the crap out of it.

    How to tweak the crap out of it? Well for starters add another factor for champ greens say 1.2 and multiply the result by 1.2 or .80 for slow greens.

    It's no easy fix here folks, there are just so so many factors that go into making any putt. 

    Practice above and figure out the dot speeds, the key, IMHO, lies in the dot speed, and remains elusive to me to this day.


  • fatdan
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    Sun, Mar 30 2014 3:54 PM

    LOL...Now that's funny!!! LOL

    So it not only has to be accurate, it has to be easy TOO, or preferably done for you with a program, or looking at lines on a grid...LOL

    After using it awhile the dots are easy to assign a number to at a glance, there are usually 2-4 dots to look at and ad up on most putts, x's the distance, divided by # of grid lines and if you miss it is by like an inch, now how hard is that again?

    When I miss it(and do often) is usually because I pulled it or push takes less time for me to do this formula than type the numbers into a program...very simple math.

  • nigyrob
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    Mon, Mar 31 2014 5:18 AM all I gotta do is understand it all




    Well done Tekoma

  • Wheels65
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    Mon, Mar 31 2014 5:55 AM

    TY Steve !

  • WillyBigg
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    Mon, Mar 31 2014 6:46 AM

    Thanks Tek, appreciate your efforts & looking forward to more detailed info.

  • SplashLewis
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    Mon, Mar 31 2014 11:23 AM

    All that math breaks down to 1 full box break for every 10 feet of distance for fast dots (not very fast dots, fast dots).  So  a 20ft putt with fast dots is going to break 2 boxes.  it works extremly well with putts 10ft or longer.

    So using the same concept above, if fast dots is1 box break/10 ft then medium dots is a half box break/10 ft  or saying it another way, 1 box break/20ft of distance.

    Go to practice and try it.  Thank me later. :)

  • zephyrdy
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    Tue, Apr 1 2014 3:45 AM

    How does one know to do that. On another a occasion you said this put is .75 boxes so Il will double it to 1.5. Why? How do you come up with those. The ball centering and pin centering are pretty self explanatory, but the others were confusing to me

     He explained he was doubling the amount of boxes because it was a downhill putt and downhill putts break twice as much.  The part about moving the box back was in order to get the grid lines back far enough to line it up directly.  Otherwise, he would be eyeballing it with an empty space between the grid lines and the ball.  Not sure if my answer helps any but I tried. lol  By no means am I even remotely close to getting the putting down, nor the rest of it for that matter.

  • Tekoma
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    Wed, Apr 2 2014 11:02 AM

    nigyrob: all I gotta do is understand it all




    Well done Tekoma

    Thank you nigyrob.. just published vol.2