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WGT Congressional Tournament.

Wed, Jul 4 2012 8:16 AM (93 replies)
  • mantis0014
    8,944 Posts
    Fri, Jun 29 2012 6:35 AM

    Have we seen the death of Unlimited play in big comps.

    Judging by the reactions of people, not only on this post but many before, I think it's time we had Single play comps now.

    This would have been the perfect time to have 4 Single play rounds or 4 Single Play Rounds with a cut after 2 rounds for a fantastic last 2 days of competition.

    It might have got the interest of just about everybody. Even if i did miss the cut (and probably would, I would have taken an interest in keeping an eye on the scores of the last 2 days.


  • piztaker
    5,743 Posts
    Fri, Jun 29 2012 6:54 AM

    The Legends with 16 hours a day to spend will win the top tier prizes. The lower tiers winners will be their own respective sandbaggers. Same old same old.

  • thebigeasy707
    5,882 Posts
    Fri, Jun 29 2012 6:58 AM

    WGT had the chance but have blown the opportunity to carry the momentum built up from the US Open  and put it into something like "The Ultimate Summer Tour Championship"

    4 championship courses.................4 weeks.............1 winner (5 tiers)..i.e Ultimate Legend...Ultimate TM...Ultimate Master etc.

    all could have been single play rounds

    WGT only needed to look at my profile page to gather fact I'd emailed them just over a month ago and WGTniblick thought it was a great idea.

    Electra's Ultimate Tour Championship

    Maybe it's not too late to do this least think about it!


  • piztaker
    5,743 Posts
    Fri, Jun 29 2012 7:10 AM

    I see there's a level 70 player winning the Pro Tier. lol

  • frappefort
    3,992 Posts
    Fri, Jun 29 2012 7:11 AM

    i agree 100%  ,  i still play  them  knowing   that  i have no chance .   hope WGT  takes another look at  this post , and see that  most of us  would like  single plays  for those type  of tournement .  there is  already many  unlimited tourny on  the weekly board :)

  • thebigeasy707
    5,882 Posts
    Fri, Jun 29 2012 7:56 AM

    We need to find  a way to convince WGT that for big comps........the unlimited ball crunchers are a thing of the past.

    They may be ok for weeklies and sun grill classics etc.......but for Championships....we want single play games.

    I would rather pay a $15 entry fee to enter the Championship scheduled for 4 single rounds....and if I don't make the cut after 2 rounds, then  I lose my stake......but at least I'd have enjoyed the thrill of single play in a big tourney.

    Al I'm saying there is other ways of making decent $$$ rather than unlimited ball crunchers. Unlimited play for the bigger tournies are on the slide.


  • tiffer67
    1,764 Posts
    Fri, Jun 29 2012 8:01 AM

    My own thoughts on this, albeit without the statistics to back up my opinion, is that although there are many players who will play repeated rounds, does it necessarily mean individual game time is increased?

    Other than in US and British Open qualifying, I don't bother with repeated attempts on unlimited play run of the mill tournaments. Does that mean I play less WGT as a result? Well level 102 would suggest the answer is no.

    When I am not playing an unlimited tournament, I am playing something else. I am sure that must be the case for many other players. So this weekend I will be playing ready goes and alts instead of a few practice rounds, leading to playing the tournament itself. My game time will be pretty much the same.

    I much prefer the pressure of a single play in a meaningful tournament than the "Oops, ah well never mind, hit restart" in an unlimited. 

  • JCOlson
    1,118 Posts
    Fri, Jun 29 2012 8:31 AM

    Throwing my hat in the ring for single play multi-rounds for big summer tourneys.

    Nothing wrong leaving unlimiteds for events like Cadillac and Skin Cancer

  • genorb
    1,253 Posts
    Fri, Jun 29 2012 8:44 AM

    I was too disappointed by the unlimited play championship. So boring. A multiround single play would be a more interesting format.

    Like JC, I think too that few unlimited tournaments are fine, but for competitions which should replace an Open, that's not very interesting to play.


  • Infinito3010
    3,689 Posts
    Fri, Jun 29 2012 8:48 AM

    Unlimited play wouldn't be too bad, if WGT would amend how they are played.

    • 1)  Once you start your round you must complete your round. No restarts are available.
    • 2) Best score counts if and only if your round is completed
    • 3) Quit a round midway through, then you are penalized and your current score is removed.

    But, alas, although great practice in high winds and champ greens, I too will not be grinding it out this weekend at Congressional