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Resetting Averages, Stats, and Awards.

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Mon, Mar 30 2009 3:48 PM (67 replies)
  • tibbets
    1,043 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 4:50 PM

     I dont think the Hacks would appreciate me and some other people in the former top 10 from returning to their tier and competing in their tournaments.

  • nivlac
    2,188 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 5:01 PM

    The game may be different, but it's not that different.  Players like tibbets will be right back out of the hack category in the matter of a day or two, if that.  It only takes 10-14 rounds to have a realistic average again.  Why make him and others like him waste their time?

    The flip side is there may actually be some people stuck in the Amateur category who really don't belong there anymore.  Tough call.

  • Noodon
    56 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 5:34 PM

     I think the game is for more than a couple of players.

  • marioh
    1,055 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 6:29 PM

    Reset everything, start from scratch once again.

  • mosherkl
    110 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 8:07 PM

     I agree with reset everything. While it may not be "fair" to have some of the former top-tier Amature players back in Hack and participating in those tourneys again, realistically they should be back into the Amature tier within a matter of days and you would only have maybe one or two weeks of "unfair" tourneys. At least this way Hack players that just made it to the Amature level won't have to continue dealing the Amature until they get good enough again.

  • TeamAmerica
    5 Posts
    Fri, Mar 6 2009 5:31 AM

     As a fairly new amateur, I agree with resetting everything.  Or at least finding some other way to allow bad amateurs like me to get back down to hack.  With these new clubs, no way I can break par consistently.  And I'm sure it's been discussed elsewhere, but there should be a penalty for not finishing a bad round.  Or make it so you can't quit a game-- i.e., you have to finish a round before playing another round or skills challenge-- you can't just bail because you had a double or lost a ball.  The ability to gerrymander your average is a big problem that will hurt the site long-term.

  • AvatarLee
    1,644 Posts
    Fri, Mar 6 2009 6:20 AM

    I agree, reset *almost* everything.  I say almost because I don't think the tiers should be reset.  The only reason I think that is because inevitably there will be some amateurs that will be demoted and, unfortunately, take advantage of that fact to stay and compete in the Hack tier tourneys.  I know that for the most part we are all honest and good people, but there are some bad apples out there that could take advantage. 

  • Caven
    63 Posts
    Fri, Mar 6 2009 8:00 AM

    Lee is correct, everything but tiers for the reasons he gave.  They would quickly shake out the way they are anyway.

    As far as averages, I believe there are two games within this site.  Shoot against the course for the best you can do, and play against others in multi-player games and tournaments.

    I also believe there is nothing wrong with restarting, I think it is safe to say every top amateur (and probably most) restarts very often, everyone has that option to try and get the single best round in for that day.  Shooting for average is only one part of this mutifaceted game.

    Now for those that worry about a top ten standing I would think it would bother you more that some listed haven't shot a ranked round in weeks and even months in some cases.

    In any case, WGT is doing an excellent job in giving us all the opportunity to play as we wish with a quality experience.

  • Jeremiah2L
    28 Posts
    Fri, Mar 6 2009 12:01 PM

    This seems pretty simple to me.  Resetting everything is stupid.  It is obvious that your average is not your average but a drop/add system.  When you play some rounds your average will figure itself out.  If you quit a bunch of rounds to keep a low average we wil all see that you don't have any trophies beside your name. 

    Personally I fought to get to amatuer status because i wanted to compete in the amatuer tournaments.  What is the point of TRYING to be first in the 1st flight.  I'd rather be in the championship flight than be 1st in another flight....the prizes aren't that great!


    This is still a beta...if we reset everytime there is an upgrade then the game has no history at all.

  • Caven
    63 Posts
    Fri, Mar 6 2009 8:22 PM

    Jeremiah maybe you are on to something here.

    Possibly what would satisfy those who think the ranking system is meaningless are looking for a "tour ranking".

    Much like the PGA ranks the tour players by a  point system on how they finish tournaments, even withdrawals.  Of course not all players play in all tournaments, especially the ones that cost money if you have no credits.

    Possibly WGT can work something out with you to have that ranking from the free tournaments.

    Just a thought you might want to pursue.