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"It's a whole new world!"

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Fri, Feb 27 2009 2:18 PM (1 replies)
  • Middle4man
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    Fri, Feb 27 2009 6:23 AM

    I had asked the brethren at WGT for help on many occassions for many different reasons, and i can't thank them enough. Use this tool, folks. There are a lot of wonderful folks out there willing and able to assist you in enjoying this game.

    But I'm wondering if we can't help ourselves, starting at our own homes. I only say that because of my experience recently, when my computer began shutting itself off. I had been told it may be my graphic card couldn't keep up with the game, or that my processor wasn't strong enough, or that my computer was just old (and it is by computer standards).

    I took off the panel to see what I could see. After air-dusting the obvious, I peered past the cooling fan at the processor. The fan came off easily (and I say it that way because I am NOT computer skilled in any sense), and found four vents that are supposed to aid in ventilating the processor. All four were CAKED with dust, in a sense the air-dusting was very ineffective. Using a soft brush, I raked the film away, cleaned the fan and reassembled.

    My fan hasn't run for two days now, and it used to run continually. The computer is acting as if I just got it out of the box and plugged it in for the first time. I am now bouncing through this site, instead of going in slow motion for ANY function, much less playing the game. I had no realization that my player could swing through the ball almost in real time. I was getting slow motion replays, it seemed.

    My times in getting through a game -- any game -- have been cut in half, and my enjoyment has doubled, which is quite a bit considering how hooked I am (much to my wife's chagrin). So it may not be your processor, or this site, or internet traffic. Check your dust levels in your machine first and work your way from there.

    Sorry for the length of this item, but I thought it may be useful somewhere. 

  • WGTalex
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    Fri, Feb 27 2009 2:18 PM

    Great tip, thanks :)