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Re: Who's Getting Snow?

Wed, Feb 24 2010 6:28 AM (77 replies)
  • YankeeJim
    25,574 Posts
    Fri, Feb 12 2010 2:17 PM

    Could I ask nicely that you folks take your political/ecological/philosophical argument somewhere else?

    Uh, like where? The 20th hole?

    Without getting into the global warming thing I do find it a bit curious that Florida had the smudge pots going trying to keep the oranges from freezing while we here in the northeast were wearing shorts. Now the snow that belongs here and in Calgary is getting spread across unexpected places south of here. Seems like the climate is shifting or doing something different. Or could it be the same basic weather cycle? Were's El Nino when you need it.

  • Snaike
    3,678 Posts
    Fri, Feb 12 2010 3:03 PM

    Uh, like where? The 20th hole?

    Actually, I was thinking more like '" or somesuch.

    No, YJ, I am in agreement with the oddity of the weather around the continent here, my concern was for the 'moron' comments and how that would escalate between the two sides of this opinion.. that's all.  Civil conversations on weather observances is what this thread is about... name calling it is not.  Name calling gets threads locked.

    I am sorry I wasn't clear in my first message.


  • birdwell
    561 Posts
    Fri, Feb 12 2010 4:08 PM

    Dear snaike,

    Great Googly-Moogly!


    I didn't mean to jump up from behind your igloo and to go whipin' on your favorite baby seal.



    kind regards,





    Now where are those pancakes?

  • PugsAce
    1,825 Posts
    Fri, Feb 12 2010 4:17 PM


    ... I wouldn't want WGTNiv to have to come in an lock a thread about how much snow is in someone's driveway....

    Yeah... what HE said... take it outside! :/

    BTW... an update on "the driveway"... lol... the guy just called. Thanks to a local unemployed guy, it'll be cleared by tomorrow afternoon, and ready for our next 2-4" that's onna way!  :]


  • PugsAce
    1,825 Posts
    Fri, Feb 12 2010 4:45 PM

     ... Where's El Nino when you need it.

    If I'm not mistaken, I think this IS an "El Nino" year, isn't it?

    And Wow YankeeJim! I just realized you're almost at 1,000 posts! If there isn't one already, you're gonna hafta create a WGT "Comma Club" when you get there... like next week! LOLOL! Then when hell freezes over, I can join ya.

    Sincerely... all good posts... have enjoyed every one I've read.

  • birdwell
    561 Posts
    Fri, Feb 12 2010 5:49 PM


    (and have more rum!  One for me!)

    Kthxbuhbye =)

    Here you go!

    Coke is a little flat though!

    And I hope you understood the Zappa reference in my earlier post and / or don't actually have a pet baby seal - or an igloo - or are an inuit  - or are that guy in Pugs post - that just looks uncomfortable!!!!




  • TR1959
    1 Posts
    Tue, Feb 16 2010 10:37 PM

    well there is no shortage of snow south of Gorgian Bay.  Less than usual Thank God but there is snow. about 4 feet at one point in Jan.  Makes me dream about green fairways, and shady trout streams.

  • YankeeJim
    25,574 Posts
    Wed, Feb 24 2010 6:28 AM

    Here we go again-it's our turn, supposedly.  All sorts of doom and gloom forecasts for tomorrow, Thursday 2/25. Supposed to start snowing around noon, 12" or so, and sporadically continue until Saturday. LMAO-maybe we can catch up to D.C. in the snow derby.

    The whacko weather forecasters here in the east are plotzing for a storm because we haven't really had one this year so they're trying to turn this into one. Heh, 12" is a nuisance but the havoc it wreaks on rush hour traffic is comical-20 mph everywhere and stupid drivers in ditches. 

    Get that nice guy with the shovel back Pug.