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Re: What are the worst bugs

Tue, Nov 28 2023 11:01 AM (111 replies)
  • DrMarbles
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    Thu, Sep 21 2023 4:49 AM


    Showdown bugs. I have quit playing the Showdown. Too often the opponent forfeits and you either lose it all and have to restart those 3 holes.

    This has become super annoying - just had a player forfeit on the final hole of my Showdown and, as I'm putting for par I get the lost connection disconnect and get marked down for a bogey.

  • twofallssteve
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    Tue, Nov 28 2023 11:01 AM

    New bug discovered while we are playing our Best Ball event in Hotel California - 300' meter comes up as default on first putts. It may only be on Bandon. It has not happened to me but several others had it occur.. Once it starts it is on every 1st putt for that player.


    Another bug we found in my Saturday morning 3 hole stroke play event - We are playing Stroke/Practice Mode/3 hole Random. When a gimmee is offered and accepted the game will freeze if there is still another player left to putt. If it is the last ball to be played it is okay and the game continues just fine.