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Welcome to Wolf Creek and Tour Champion! And Introducing...

Sat, Sep 5 2020 5:30 AM (165 replies)
  • WGTChampion
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    Wed, Dec 19 2018 7:37 AM

    Welcome to Wolf Creek everyone! We have spent a countless number of hours making the course and are so excited that you're finally able to play and enjoy it. 

    We also opened the Tour Champion tier. A new tier achievable with ranked rounds and a low average. This is different than we originally detailed the tier years ago. It is no longer an invite-only tier. Which brings me to my announcement. 

    It's with great pleasure that I get to announce that we have a new elite class called Hall of Fame. This classification will only be given to the best of the best in WGT. 

    We did not want to section Hall of Fame off from the rest of the world, so Hall of Fame players will still play in Tour Champion tier games. We are still defining exactly how we're going to start awarding Hall of Fame to players, but we will have all that sorted out when we start to move select players to Hall of Fame sometime in 2019. 

    This morning players were welcomed to a new Wolf Creek tiered tourney. We didn't expect players to move so quickly into Tour Champion, so there was not a Tour Champion tier to play for in that tournament. Anyway, I made a second tournament for those folks. 

    The original Welcome to Wolf Creek tournament

    And For Tour Champion players, congratulations! Play here!

    Additionally I just launched a number of Wolf Creek Ready Go tourneys and will have an Uneven Lies version up shortly. 


  • Lizington
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    Wed, Dec 19 2018 7:50 AM

    Thank you WGT team love the new course, I've had time for one round on Wolfies creek a most enjoyable experience indeed  maybe one day I'll make the hall of fame ­čÖł

    Cheers Liz 

  • Bowl64
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    Wed, Dec 19 2018 7:51 AM

    Champ - Wolf Creek is a great addition :) The Tour Champion tier could be if you`d open it up for players with an average of let`s say 52-53 strokes. Then it makes real sence. I whish you and the rest of the WGT-staff a merry Christmas and a happy new year :)))



  • Robert1893
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    Wed, Dec 19 2018 7:55 AM


    On all points, great work you guys are doing. Really well done! 

  • TarheelsRule
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    Wed, Dec 19 2018 8:00 AM

    Good job on the new course and the changes in the Tour Champion tier as well.    I was wondering what the criteria was for getting there and while I still don't exactly know it does seem to be a little more clear.

    The Hall of Fame is a great new Tier.   I would suggest that all major winners be made a part of it immediately and then others be honored by being put into the HOF, especially those who contributed a lot and are no longer with us.

    Good job WGT.

  • Jimbog1964
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    Wed, Dec 19 2018 8:04 AM


    Nice post:)

  • lonnieskinner
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    Wed, Dec 19 2018 8:23 AM

    Thanks Champi0n. The c0urse is awes0me. PIease 0verI00k the negativity. Merry Christmas.

  • ItsTooSweet
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    Wed, Dec 19 2018 8:24 AM

    Very nice course. Several holes where you just might barely make it on or you might get brutally punished (lost ball heartbreak) depending on the conditions, lol. Thanks for the new course WGT.

  • lonniescott711
    4,182 Posts
    Wed, Dec 19 2018 8:25 AM

    Well now that its done how about starting to work on other pin placements for the existing courses . Also there are only 1 set of pins at Wolf Creek which should have been installed with at least 2 . 

    So since it will be awhile before another new course it only makes since to enhance the other courses . Its a beautiful course by the way and well done also . The game is having its moments which we all knew was going to happen . But otherwise its fun and great to play .Hats off to the gang for putting this together .

    Im surprised that nothing was added to the pro shop for a change . No new balls or clubs or any other junk that wasnt needed . So congrats on that , for focusing more on the game instead of sales .

  • Wutpa
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    Wed, Dec 19 2018 8:35 AM

    Just played it for the first time and it's great fun. I got a 60 which I'm delighted with, especially since I got a HIO on #11. The top players will crack it open right from the start and shoot mid-50s but frankly I think that's going to be true of any course from anywhere in the world that WGT could create, so it doesn't matter. It's just great to have a new course and it feels like an interesting mix between Cabo and Chambers.

    Thanks very much for putting it together for us WGT, much appreciated.

    And thanks for opening up the Tour Champion tier too, that's an excellent move. I like the sound of the Hall of Fame as well, so thumbs up all round.

    I hope Wolf Creek gets the positive reception it deserves, and I also hope it was easier (and cheaper) to get the photographs since drones were used instead of helicopters. Hopefully that was a less disruptive process for the course than it usually is. And if so, I hope that might mean increased likelihood of more courses in the future.

    Thanks again, and well played WGT.