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Welcome to Wolf Creek and Tour Champion! And Introducing...

Sat, Sep 5 2020 5:30 AM (165 replies)
  • grossstadtkerl
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    Sun, Dec 23 2018 12:23 PM


    For the first move to TC , the average score seems indeed to have been 55 and the number of rounds 200.

    Interesting. Thanks for this notice.


  • zebbydog
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    Tue, Dec 25 2018 8:59 AM

    A Merry Xmas to all on WGT.

  • pdb1
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    Thu, Dec 27 2018 9:05 PM


    This morning players were welcomed to a new Wolf Creek tiered tourney. We didn't expect players to move so quickly into Tour Champion, so there was not a Tour Champion tier to play for in that tournament. Anyway, I made a second tournament for those folks. 

    The original Welcome to Wolf Creek tournament

    And For Tour Champion players, congratulations! Play here!

      For those who missed it . ( above )

      So much uncertainty . I Just read the whole thread .


    It's not Wolf Creek, it's our servers. Different issues, yo. 



    I am pretty sure that they also increased saturation rounds for Tour Legends during this update as well,

      Pretty sure not .


    I hope that getting to become a Tour Champion is difficult.  I would hate to see a bunch of red-tee Tour Champions.

      Lol .


    I'll give it a couple of weeks and we'll have people moaning they can't compete at TC tier.

    +1 Thats the normal pattern as usual . If they would have taken the top 200 - 250 money earners that would have done it . At least those players would have earned it which is the way it should be .

      The average is used as the basis for everything here in WGT . The majority of the best players do not play RG's . Do not earn or care about earning money .And have earned their status by playing ranked rounds .

      They play RR's . Which is also what the even larger majority of players that will never reach that level play .

      As do the very small minority of red tee players . A small and unthreatening group . That have chosen their limits . No one need be concerned about them . Even though most of that very small group are also very good players .

      The average is used by WGT because it is fair and inclusive of all who strive to the heights of their best golf game .  .

      In 10 years the number is still very small . Just a few thousand . Way less than 1 % of the millions of players who have tried .

      There is no way that RG or high money earners . The few that there are . Have any grounds for their arguement . 100 or 250 players selected . There are a couple thousand players better than them . IMHO .



    Could I ask the mods a quick question. I have been a member and regular player on WGT since October 2016 and listed as having 145 posts, so why can I not post in the forums and have to wait sometimes days until I have my post checked by a mod? It does make joining in a discussion difficult and discouraging about joining in.

    Leave a wall post for one of the mods nicely asking to be taken off moderation.  It worked for me.

      That is the way . One will usually get a response . With a Yay or Nay . And an explanation .



    Looking at the current list, it appears one may not have 200 rounds at Champion tier and the other may not have played a ranked round since the launch of the new tier. 

      Well said Robert . Don't forget , lower than 55 .

      Also a player must have played a round since the new tier . And the score of the first round in the new tier will determine the players average to start the new tier . Nothing new .

  • Dougie4042
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    Thu, Dec 27 2018 11:40 PM

    After years of playing up through all of my levels no way in hell will I start a new account . Got to much time invested now , just have to ride till the wheels fall off .

    Lol, indeed.  Cheers, brother.

    A Merry Xmas to all on WGT.

    Back at 'cha!

  • pdb1
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    Wed, Sep 2 2020 6:09 PM


    It's with great pleasure that I get to announce that we have a new elite class called Hall of Fame. This classification will only be given to the best of the best in WGT. 

    We did not want to section Hall of Fame off from the rest of the world, so Hall of Fame players will still play in Tour Champion tier games. We are still defining exactly how we're going to start awarding Hall of Fame to players, but we will have all that sorted out when we start to move select players to Hall of Fame sometime in 2019. 

      That is way cool . Is there any others ?


  • themunsters
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    Sat, Sep 5 2020 5:30 AM

    Much deserved. Well done.