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Re: Meter Speed different on different computers

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Wed, Sep 16 2009 7:45 AM (13 replies)
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  • PugsAce
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    Wed, Sep 16 2009 12:44 AM

    Ummm... errrrr... yes... the topic... sorry bout that...

    In my zeal, I completely forgot to ask about the full-screen's effect on the meter... yeah, that's it. ; /

    Actually, I've not experienced any lag. Must be my new 'puter capabilities are adequate to overcome any, but if I was using my old one, there would def be jitter and probably crashes to deal with.

    I do have the bars on the side, and the image is somewhat fuzzier, but not much.

    One thing's for sure, however... the larger display doesn't make the swing meter any easier to judge, and if anything, switching between the two (reg and full screen) really screws me up for some reason.

    I think I'll just stick to the regular size... it's not all that bigger "full screen" anyways, yet.

    Thanks for the info, though.

  • PugsAce
    1,825 Posts
    Wed, Sep 16 2009 12:57 AM


    Forgot to mention...

    Alot of times, I've noticed that my 'puter's "services" are running in the background when I have swing meter irregularities. Things like scheduled tasks - updates, defrags, etc...

    These things don't show-up as "running applications" in my task manager, and are only found by entering the control panel. So some casual users may overlook them entirely when thinking nothing is running that can affect the meter. One look at your 'puter's cpu meter (if you have one on your desktop - I have one in my sidebar) will show you that it's rarely inactive.

    I'm only mentioning this as an alternative "argument", in that some 'puters handle this "stealth" bgd activity more efficiently than others, and thus throw-in yet another variable to the equation when trying to decypher swing meter differences. 

  • Faterson
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    Wed, Sep 16 2009 4:20 AM

    I do have the bars on the side, and the image is somewhat fuzzier, but not much

    I think it's a lot fuzzier, especially if you have a bigger monitor like I do (24 inches). Whereas photographs in the regular-size window make you want to scream, "Oh! How beautiful!", the same photographs in full-screen will probably only make you say, "Well, that's nice."

    (That's still better, though, than a full-screen Tiger Woods game, where the typical reaction of a WGT HD-spoiled player might be head-shaking and, "Oh my, how pasteboard-like all this is!")

    As to those hidden running processes, you're absolutely right. It really greatly depends on the quality of the player computer whether the meter stutters or not. The quality of a computer is perhaps more important than whether the computer is new or old, and what its exact tech specs are.  I play on an almost 3-year-old notebook, but it was frighteningly expensive back in 2006, top of its class with an independent 256MB graphics card, and the quality still shows in 2009: I hardly ever see meter lags and stutters.

    As to full-screen making it easier to hit the perfect shot, unlike you I believe that it really does that. However, it took some time getting used to (at least a few days) after transferring to full-screen play, until the advantage could be clearly felt. I wouldn't dream of going back to the regular-size game window today.

  • thunderbird
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    Wed, Sep 16 2009 7:45 AM

    The meter speed seems faster on the better computer.  I adjust quickly to it but I noticed it was quite significant.  Is it a fact well that is yet to be seen but I was hoping WGT could give me some answers regarding this.  If the swing meter could be affected by an older, slower operating system. 

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