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Re: Tiger, isn't this getting out of hand?

Sat, Feb 13 2010 5:38 PM (130 replies)
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    Sat, Feb 13 2010 5:38 PM

    I’m very familiar with golf history…when I was young, watching golf on TV, Arnie was my favorite, unless it was a match where sentimentally I rooted for someone else…I rooted for Jack the same way and now I root for Tiger the same way…bandwagon fan?...Nope, I just enjoy watching and rooting for greatness when it comes to golf.


    Golf, unlike any major sport is unique…it is man or woman against the course and may the low score win.

    There are neither teammates nor opponents you try to pummel.

    This is exactly why comparisons can be made when comparing individual golfers.


    If not, then why has Jack (according to his website) “…

    “been named “Golfer of the Century” or “Golfer of the Millennium” by almost

    every major golf publication in the world. He was also named Individual Male Athlete of the Century by Sports Illustrated, and one of the 10 Greatest Athletes of the Century by ESPN.”


    My question remains unanswered.

    Do you (or any other forum reader) think it was “intellectually dishonest” for all of those honors to be bestowed on Jack?


    Not me…he truly is the greatest golfer ever.



    The only golfer with a chance to change that is obviously Tiger.