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Tiger, isn't this getting out of hand?

Sat, Feb 13 2010 5:38 PM (130 replies)
  • donsprintr
    2,060 Posts
    Tue, Dec 22 2009 3:35 AM



    Pretty damn similar gain in size and definition to Tiger in roughly the same amount of years, and yes his jaw line increased in size.  Just as was assumed with Tiger, Will Smith must be on steroids too.

     I wouldn't use the jawline increase as an indicator of steroid abuse .... WHY? As we age we tend to lose the baby face body fat and our bone and cartilage structure increase some in size naturally ... workouts will tend to trim even more of the excess body fat thus leading to the condition of the appearance of a much increased jaw size ... i'm noticed this for several years in people from all walks of life and i know they are not all on steroids ... look at several of the supermodels and compare pictures over a few years timespan and see if you don't notice how their jaws are now jutting out and sharply defined in comparison to earlier photos ... just my two cents ... or four now ... (and this is an old thread so why do i bother?) ...

  • kaleb2007
    28 Posts
    Sun, Dec 27 2009 1:00 PM

    I know this post has been on here for a while and sorry,,gotta chime in myself. I agree with the first post in this, have been tired of his antics for a long time,,then this stuff comes out with all the woman and crap going on. I know a few people that own company's and do sponcership at firestone and have got to be around the man. And there best description of him is that he's a tyranical 2 year old. he'll never in my mind be the greatest golfer,,never,,he may win more events,,or more majors,,but has NOT got the things that Jack,,Arnie,,Snead,,Hogan,,Nelson,,Mickleson,,Trevino,,and the list could go on and on,,and those things are CLASS,,and CHARACTER. Class to me is what you do when people are watching,,and character is what you do when nobody is around.

  • borntobesting
    8,755 Posts
    Wed, Dec 30 2009 3:19 PM


    Honestly, no offense to Tiger, any fans of him (im a fan), but i think he is on steriods! :/  I think that kuz he's way too big, he gets mad for the simplest things, love to criticize people, and just love to throw clubs around!

    You can hate it if you want. But I just thinking

    Quite frankly I am not sure if Tiger is on steroids or not. But to say that his temper tantrums over the simplest things are a sign of steroid use is ludicrous. If that is the case then I am on steroids. And no I'm not but I do tend to blow my top over the simplest things. Why I don't know but it's not roids. In Tiger's case it could be pressure. He plays well under pressure but it does cause many people to have short fuses. Just my thoughts. 

  • bigntall
    1 Posts
    Fri, Jan 1 2010 7:51 PM

    You know you both have realy good points but i have to lean toward the guy who thinks that he's on steroids. (But) i don't think that he is roids but more of like suppliments, like creotine etc... I might know because i take them and at times they can cause temper problems. As far as the under pressure thing goes he does it all the time even when he isn't under pressure, i mean come on Tiger has been doing this to long to let his temper fly as much as he does.


  • oppy
    286 Posts
    Fri, Jan 1 2010 9:23 PM



     there is not a single person ever that could have hit the 8 iron tiger hit at bridgestone, from 180 yards, an 8 iron!!!, to inches away. who will tell me somebody else who could have hit a shot like that. you would be a liar if you try answering that question.

    John Daly ... hits 7 irons about 190 and stops em on a dime when he's really on if memory serves me correctly ... i'm not trying to be a devil's advocate oppy ... tiger is really strong and can hit some amazingly long shots with his irons but so can some of the other tour pros ... most of them "play within themselves" throttling back on their distance ability to preserve accuracy ... tiger is a small man comparatively to most of the other tour pros (or was) and he has only recently begun cutting back on his distances for accuracy's sake ...  just loved it when i saw tiger hit a 2 iron off the fairway that went like 292 yds ... now THAT'S fantastic ...

    Lol, many people are small compared to John Daly. Tiger has really bulked up lately though, he is listed as 185, but he has got to be up by 200. But lets not compare TW to John Daly because Daly doesnt even compare.

  • borntobesting
    8,755 Posts
    Sun, Jan 3 2010 12:10 PM

    It doesn't take roids to gain 15 pounds of muscle. Just hard work in the gym. I know. I have gone from 145 or so to 160 in about 2 years spending 3 days a week in our church's rec center. 

    I really don't know about Tiger,he could indeed be on roids or creatine or something like that. The main point lately is that he has done some very stupid things. And as more things come out seems he has been doing stupid things for a very long time. As many women as he has supposedly been seeing even with protection something could have happened. Accidents happen, pregnency at best vd at worse. 
    He really needed to show some restraint. 

  • Bravelight
    17 Posts
    Mon, Jan 4 2010 12:05 AM

    Anyway, Tiger´s jawline must have changed a bit, after his wife hit him in the face with a 9-iron.

  • KatieJ
    43 Posts
    Mon, Jan 4 2010 5:57 AM
    I thought it was a 7 iron...maybe she needed back spin??
  • WojciechMigda
    158 Posts
    Mon, Jan 4 2010 11:50 AM


    On day one of the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines, I was standing in the gallery behind the 18th tee (5 par).  It was a great afternoon and and everyone was enjoying the golf.  Next thing I know, I see this guy carefully walking up to the box and he gently presses a tee in the ground then places his ball on the tee.  Yes, there was a lot of that going on, no big deal.  Then, this guy proceeds to hit one of the longest and straightest drives I have ever seen...seriously, the ball looked like it was shot out of a cannon.  I watched that sphere until it nearly disappeared from view.  He grimaced after the shot and appeared to be in a great deal of pain.  Finally, this man turned and gingerly walked down the fairway on a broken leg.


    If it wasn't for Vicodine (or other pharmaceuticals that are nowadays within everyone's reach or can be prescribed to you) then I would have agreed.


  • Crazyman2
    731 Posts
    Mon, Jan 11 2010 2:23 AM

    I thought it was a 7 iron...maybe she needed back spin??

    I'm not sure  but I think it was a steam iron !

    Happy Golfin'