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Players Quitting!!

Wed, Aug 30 2023 4:24 PM (225 replies)
  • Brystar
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    Tue, Oct 18 2011 5:01 AM

    Hi all fairly new but allready

    am peeved slightly


    Be it accidental .....or plain bad sportsmanship

    its kinda super peeving me off

    the users whom are having bad rounds quitting

    would it be possible to install some kinda off

    graph bar on every bodies nicks plain to see for all

    or a simple star system 3 stars for constant connected and played and being lowered to no stars for the plain bad sportsman so upon joining a game its easily seen by all

    may show as a deterent for those whom like to quit when the going gets tuff

    end of rant :)


  • TarheelsRule
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    Tue, Oct 18 2011 11:00 AM

    There are probably 1,000 topics about quitting, you can search the boards for them.  WGT once started a method to help determine this but it went away.

    The best way to deal with the quitting is to add friends that you know do not quit and play with those friends.  If you join matches, be it blitz, alt shot, stroke play or match play with others you are going to have the quitting issue.  Some quit because they want to protect their average, some because they hit a bad shot and some just to screw up the game.


  • Brystar
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    Tue, Oct 18 2011 2:40 PM

    True it would be safer playing with friends, however some of the most enjoyment i have had is by going on a meet the peeps tour of WGT

    Having a round and a few laughs along the way granted not all like to prattle on during a game but i quite enjoy a relaxed game and a laugh until the dreaded gone!!!,

    So to play with friends you need to make them via playing and socializing hence its unavoidable you will come across it

    just seems logical if you see they had no stars your already aware of there character and could avoid the game. Now all of us know how unreliable some connections can be but a simple grading of say

    5 quits loose 1 star, 3 more loose another, 1 more loose the last. redeemable after x amount of continual plays  just a suggestion is all im saying :)


  • x1524807
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    Wed, Oct 19 2011 8:20 AM

    end of rant :)

    maybe for you, but we all continue to rant. BUT wgt does not care, so it is like beating a dead horse trying to make him win the race. You have a better chance with the horse

  • Brystar
    3 Posts
    Wed, Oct 19 2011 11:51 AM

    :hmmm: well perhaps with wait of #'s we can change there opinion

    or perhaps find a reasoning why its left as such, the more posts we get in this type of thread perhaps the more chance of them at least listening to what were all feeling

    so post away even a simple yes i agree or a no :)

  • dlswanson
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    Wed, Oct 19 2011 11:52 AM

    yes the quiting is a problem, but also being kicked from a game because level is too low also sux, really dissappointed that cant get some people to play a lower level, how else do you level up if no one will play you.

  • dlswanson
    25 Posts
    Wed, Oct 19 2011 11:56 AM

    srry messed up.  it is true people quitting during games, but also booting me from games because level is too low, how do you level up if you cant play?

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    Wed, Oct 19 2011 2:40 PM

    Hey Brystar, i'm in a c/c that is named Qitters( i guess they forgot how to spell quitters) anyway the c/c is named Qittersnotwelcome. It's a great c/c that doesn't support the quitting of a game, and thats any game that is put up by the c/c. Three quits and you are out of the c/c, therefore you can get in a complete game. It's a damn fine c/c and i would recomend it to all. I've been a member for quite sometime now and i like it alot. There are Divisional games, Sunday Night tournaments, and you can even make a game to put on the c/c site. Take a look and ask about it. Good Luck in your game.

  • x1524807
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    Wed, Oct 19 2011 6:14 PM

    hmmm: well perhaps with wait of #'s we can change there opinion

    to that I would say LOL

  • PeterHopper
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    Wed, Oct 19 2011 7:56 PM


    I have sent you a friends request.

    Look me up or when I have a mixed tier ALT game going I'll invite.