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Re: cheating software

Wed, Dec 6 2023 10:32 PM (154 replies)
  • ct690911
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    Mon, Dec 4 2023 10:55 AM



     I have been aware of this cheat program/shot calculator for some time & now it seems quite a few players are using it now. I just played in an alt shot game where a player hit 4 consecutive Heartbeat shots from various trouble situations using all starter gear with a wgt free ball. 

     I've been on here a long time and I know the chances of that happening are like 1,000,000 to 1

     I've also seen situations where its all good a fair game, when on hole 7 all square, a player starts using the calculator to hit heartbeat shots when he hasn't hit one HB shot all game previously using low level gear & often a wgt free ball).

     What a shame. the game is enough of a challenge to beat very good honest players without having to suffer straight up cheaters.

     I mean if a player has top level gear, a Titleist ball and tons of apparel bonus & skill . . you can pretty much forget about beating that player in a game. We all know the $10 balls and level 99 Irons have magical "powers" . . .  that being said . . 

     I have really noticed a marked increase in the numbers of what I believe to be program runners in the last couple of months.

     Even in players I have played with for years and know they were previously only mediocre players.  but NOW they are WGT savants. Right.

     I would also mention that apparel bonus affects in a negative way the play of players who have little or no apparel bonus in their bag. affecting length of approach shots and also especially the amount of break on greens when putting. i.e. the putt break does not even come close to what was shown by the dots on green. 

      I notice this especially when an opposing player has all or most)  Level 10 apparel bonus items in his bag. (and usually high level gear as well.

     Just my observations.

    You've been on this site since Jul 2019. You are level 99 and still a Tour Pro?  Many players would consider this to be a form of cheating. Purposely staying a low rank to be able to hit from the short tees on every drive.

    Just my observation..:)

  • Squatch031
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    Mon, Dec 4 2023 11:08 AM

    Simply look at the dates of previous post and you will see that it has been an issue for quite a while.  Yet, WGT has done NOTHING about it.  I guess the money they bring in from players, to include cheaters, overrides any values they may have.

  • Robert1893
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    Mon, Dec 4 2023 12:05 PM

    Another observation is using a calculator or program (for example, an Excel spreadsheet with formulas) to calculate shots is not cheating. 

  • ryry4321
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    Mon, Dec 4 2023 12:54 PM


  • jacktrade51
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    Wed, Dec 6 2023 10:32 PM


    Another observation is using a calculator or program (for example, an Excel spreadsheet with formulas) to calculate shots is not cheating. 

    In response to this, and the post immediately below it, Robert is correct.  I use an Excel calculator and it isn't perfect.  I have to adjust for courses and holes from the number the calculator spits out.  Adjustments are not the same across all WGT courses.  Not to mention adjustments for slope on green and green speed.  One still has to play and learn.

    Pros and top amateurs have formulas ... figure out wind and elevation change and calculate shot.  Especially now with USGA rule change legalizing scopes.

      But one still has to execute the shot on one's own with no outside help.  That is also why WGT has variables in winds.

    All legal.

    HOWEVER, any outside agent that controls the shot for a player is strictly illegal.  And if one has evidence of that, report it to WGT.  They will react in a hurry.