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WGT is rigged!

Sun, Jun 30 2019 11:22 AM by SlickHunter. 66 replies.
  • el3n1 United States
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    Mon, Jun 10 2019 7:31 AM

    With the wealth of experience and information that people have available to them, I cannot understand how anyone would feel misled. 

    Have you ever come across anyone that leaves you wondering how they ever got their computer to turn on?  Have you ever spoken with intelligent people who simply lack familiarity with technology?  

    I have seen and experienced all kinds, so nothing surprises me and I can imagine how others can have a different experience until they are able to build that knowledge base... it does not happen instantaneously.  

    While candy crush is different, I am not among those 2b you refer to.  I suspect it too like WGT has multiple accounts, multiple downloads by the same people.  But even if they were all legitimate it still leaves upwards of 5.5b who dont use candy crush.  So more people dont or are not exposed to the game and i doubt every single person who first starts down loading games has the knowledge base of all the nuances or how quickly those costs can build up rather quickly.  

    I thought i read facebook has deleted 3b fake accounts recently.  

    Technology is a unique animal, I still find myself learning new things.  With growing access all over the world, i can imagine people who do not get the exposure or the wealth of infomation available and in turn still do not realize the nuances that are so obvious to us.


  • Robert1893 United States
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    Mon, Jun 10 2019 7:49 AM

    Sure. That leave 5 billion or so who don't have candy crush. But they probably don't have WGT either. But I was using candy crush as just an example of the prevalence of games. There are plenty of other ones. My point is that when someone signs up for WGT, it is highly unlikely that this is their first experience with any type of online game or online platform. 

    And again, even if WGT is their first computer gaming experience, my broader point is that WGT is (most likely) not their first experience of getting something for "free" or low cost that potentially has additional costs attached. One doesn't need to be well versed in technology to know that. One simply has had to have lived a bit (IMO).

    Indeed, my point has little to do with technology or being technologically savvy. There are all sorts of adages along the lines of "there's no such thing as a free lunch" or "you get what you pay for." Before they've even found out about WGT, people should  know if it's "free" then there's a "catch." 

    It's simply common sense. It's also capitalism. Again, most people should be aware of the concept. ;-) 

  • Petefairway United Kingdom
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    Mon, Jun 10 2019 8:54 AM

    Beginning to wonder as to the motives of WGT myself. More and more, I am beginning to think it is just a money-making machine. And when you query something you never seem to be able to get a straight answer. There are a number of anomalies that don't square with real golf; ie players not being able to choose to pay off the same tee. I have played real golf all my life and got down to 14 handicap. Playing with players of all handicap, we all played off the same tee. No option of playing left-handed (you an in the ipad version). But worst of all, the unfathomable an perplexing of working out what clubs do what and how they might suit an individual. What on earth is the advantage such a wide rang of different clubs when the difference is so minimal and, quite often don't seem to make a difference. Initially, I thought this was a great game, the best since the original Jack Nicklaus Great Bear Challenge. Now I am of he opinion that it is simply a rip-off.

  • el3n1 United States
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    Mon, Jun 10 2019 9:01 AM

    Robert... come on... you have to admit it has to strike you funny to use "capitalism" as a basis for why you think it makes sense when the point I originally made is that it can and does make sense to me that people can feel mislead when the word FREE is used in marketing the game..  

    I still recall the video I came across shortly after joining WGT about "brain hacking"... it detailed tactics used by the technology industry to create addictive like behaviors in people to keep them playing the game.  I think the CDP tactic was/is possibly something that would be an example.  yet, this may delve into a different area.

    The thing is... the word FREE is used to market the game, regardless of whether you feel that has built in assumptions that should be made... it still stands out in the minds of some people and can leave them feeling a bit duped... justifiable or not... it can leave them feeling that way.  

    I stated earlier, I was not making judgements about WGT or the game or the cost associated.  I just find it easier to understand why people can come away with differing impressions or expectations based on their experience with the game and how it is marketed.


  • Robert1893 United States
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    Mon, Jun 10 2019 9:14 AM

    I guess I really don't understand the point you're making then. I'm sure it's me. I don't see anything funny about my use of capitalism. Admittedly, your point is going right over my head, which is fine. 

    The game is free. In my mind, there's no way around that fact. If people don't want to spend money, they don't have to. I truly cannot understand how people can feel misled or duped. I really can't.

  • garyk49 United States
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    Mon, Jun 10 2019 10:05 AM

    Hold on tight, this may be a bumpy ride.

    Rigged, probably not.

    Mislead, nope.  But then again, I sometimes wonder is reading comprehension is still being taught it school.

    Free, yes and no.

    Right now there is a generation of people that think all should be free.  Most of them(not all) discovered this game using smartphones.

    Lets look at the gaming industry, after all this is a game.  Correct????

    Before the advent of smart phones, with their tiny tiny screens, you had either Pc gaming or console gaming.  I know, I know there were also pinball machines, but lets forget those, and those cost at least a quarter.

    In the interest of getting customers to spend money on pc and console games, out came Demos and Free trials.  What did they allow.  Us to see part of the game in question, FOR FREE.  If we wanted more, then we had to purchase the game(we will keep this legit).  Right here is where WGT differs.  It gives us the whole game, FOR FREE.  If we don't like where that allows us to get to, there are OPTIONS.  Buy better equipment, same thing does happen with purchased games, also.

    As of this moment, you can play this game for as long as WGT is around for FREE and as many times as you like.

    The saying that time is money applies here.  Either take the time to earn free credits or spend the money to improve yourself, or go elsewhere.  Quit expecting it to be handed to you.

    Some of you need to get out of under the rocks you are living under, and wake the F up.  Quit trying to make like everything is a free ride.

    So if you think that the above means WGT is rigged, guess again.  It's not, it's how the world works.

    So tired of seeing people whine about this, your choice to be here or not.  Just as it is mine and how I acquire credits for my game play.

    Ok, fire away, as I know a number of you will not agree with my opinion or the added facts of the gaming industry, and that also is your choice, as was mine to voice it.  Don't think anything said violated the T & C, maybe a little stern in places, tho.

    Background.  Owned computers since 1999, been gaming ever since, either single player stand alone, lan connected, or online thru Steam, Origin, or UPlay multiplayer.  There are four of them in this house. All are networked together.  All done by me.  2 emachines for everyday use, and 2 custom built for gaming(no, not used here, this game doesn't require a very powerful machine.

    This by far exceeds any online golf game I have played, still here by my choice.

    So now must be the time to pass out the cheese.

  • Robert1893 United States
    5,153 Posts
    Mon, Jun 10 2019 10:37 AM

    In the interest of getting customers to spend money on pc and console games, out came Demos and Free trials.  What did they allow.  Us to see part of the game in question, FOR FREE.  If we wanted more, then we had to purchase the game(we will keep this legit). 

    I remember when that used to be true for some browsers. Back in the day, if you wanted Opera, you had to pay for it. When it first was introduced, Opera was trialware. I also remember getting software on 3.5 inch disks. Installation was always fun... now insert disk 7 of 22. :-) 

    I had one game that not only I had to purchase, but after I loaded it, I had to have the manual ready because I would get a prompt to enter a word from the manual each time I played the game. Go to page 8 and enter the 3rd word from line 5. Or something like that. Other games, I just needed to do that the first time the game was installed or launched.

    They went to great lengths to protect against software piracy.  

  • carlosdev India
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    Mon, Jun 10 2019 10:52 AM


    I really do not understand why some people want all the virtual games (not just WGT) to be free? Are virtual games made of natural clay n free water?

    For a quick second, think about the real life scenarios. What are the things you get free every day? In the future, you should also pay for oxygen too and yes, in the hospitals you have to pay for oxygen cylinders fill up too ;) ;) 

    So coming back to the term "FREE". As WGT advertise, this game is free on a basic level. If you want to go ahead n be a competition, you have to pay n upgrade but again there are 10 credits balls too.

    So, it is really your choice if you want to pay or not to pay. No one is forcing you to play any games. Everything comes with a price. Move on.

    - Carl 

  • andwhy67 France
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    Mon, Jun 10 2019 11:03 AM

    Right now there is a generation of people that think all should be free.  Most of them(not all) discovered this game using smartphones.

    Smartphones or Tablets, it all says “in-app purchases"

    I understand what that means.

  • adaputter United Kingdom
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    Mon, Jun 10 2019 11:06 AM

    WGT is free if wanto play it that way

    you can buy balls or equipment using free to get credits

    the credits ARE FREE TO GET

    if you are a lower tier player i.e hack 

    you never know just enter a  tourney you may win some credits