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Tiger, isn't this getting out of hand?

Sat, Feb 13 2010 5:38 PM by BOFFMEN. 130 replies.
  • Ketner United States
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    Wed, Sep 9 2009 8:45 PM

    Huge Tiger Fan, Hes dedicated so much time from early life on to now that yeah of course its frustrating. Hes not playing his game, he hasnt all year, even with his first win at the Arn. Palmer, he didnt win that, (guys whos name I cannot remember) gave it away. All of his victories were not substantial like they used to be. 

    I think he is just super pissed that hes not just walking away with it and hitting his normal shots. Hes trying everything he can and cant seem to get it back. Hes still a good golfer but he was great.

    I hope he comes back full force and goes on like he was. As far as Phil and other alike players who are more fan friendly, yeah I can agree with that but......


    Tiger dumps tons of money and time into charities and other community appropriate activities which may only be for publicity, however, its still being done.

    I understand that he doesnt want to talk to anyone during an event, hes focused, probably more now than before do to his inability to strike as he did not long ago. His swearing and club punishment is a bit more than Id like to see but....remember, hes not

    biting off the opponents ear - mike tyson

    gambling on the game - pete rose

    raping woman - kobe bryant - not guilty

    having dog fights - mike vick

    other notable poor sports players  - Terrell Owens, Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds, 


    My point is that big deal, he does good for others, and entertains us all. Also, I highly doubt he is on steroids. In fact I think thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard. You think Tiger Woods, for crying out loud is taking steroids? 

    A family man, that does alot of good, and acts with dignity most of the time.... dont see how anyone can make any negative remarks about him.

  • edchavez United States
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    Thu, Sep 10 2009 6:05 PM

    I honestly believe Kobe Bryant did not do that. But i do believe Ben Roethlisberger doing that, to a girl at that Celebrity Golf Tournament at Edgewood (i think its call American Century, or something like that.).... and all the others did...

  • coolhotfun Canada
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    Thu, Sep 10 2009 7:00 PM

    tiger's getting old and his body's wearing down. The way he swings with bouncing upward as he hits the ball, wrecked his knee. Yet he still shoots like that after returning from injury. So he'll wreck something else again sooner or later... Half his drives go in the woods. Then the wuss sucks out, gets mad and his game goes down the hole instead of the ball. He just can't get the job done anymore. He'll win a few more championships but there's no more total domination with 4 major trophies on his coffee table in the same year. Coulda did better if he woulda calmed down his sucky attitude but now its too late.

  • mrboo United States
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    Thu, Sep 10 2009 7:14 PM


  • mrboo United States
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    Fri, Sep 11 2009 5:55 AM

    Buick Open, WGC at Firestone, AT&T, Memorial, Arnold Palmer Invitational. Tiger's wins just this year...yeah his swing is really flawed isn't it? Not to mention, 14 top 25s out of 14 cuts made. 12 tops 10s. Over $8 million in winnings. Man this guy sucks.

  • coolhotfun Canada
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    Fri, Sep 11 2009 8:23 AM

    his swing wrecked his knee. All those trophies aren't a lot of fun when you're in a wheelchair.

  • Ketner United States
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    Sat, Sep 12 2009 10:57 AM

    I can agree slightly that his swing did some damage to his knee however a golf swing itself is awkward and can cause alot of movement in a persons body which it wasnt designed for. Look at anthony kim, the way he slams his hip through before his shoulders follow. Should we expect to see him get a spinal fusion or something relative to that someday down the road. All players change there swings as they age, tiger at 22 could move more than tiger of today and its just a matter of him perfecting what he has to work with. 


    Thats a  ridiculous comment that hes got a couple more under his belt and thats it. ROFLMAO.... Tom Watson almost took the British Open at 49. Tigers got alot of time left and I would say hesa little more than half way through his career at the most.


    Yeah and Padraig hit a tractor on 17 yesterday, guess he sucks too. 

  • Snaike United States
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    Sat, Sep 12 2009 11:46 AM

    Ketner... Watson is 59, not 49...

    Eldrick does a lot of good for the community.. he is a great ambassador for golf.. very recognizable and, oh by the way, one hell of a good golfer.  There is no doubt in my mind that he will win many many more tournaments.  All 4 majors at once?  No.  The "Tiger Slam", imho, was as close as he is ever going to get.

    All that being said, and to the point of this thread, his act is getting old.  There is speculation from reputable sources that Eldrick is/was on HGH or straight steriods.  (I am seeking the link).  This causes, among other things, very short tempers and "roid-rage".  He is a primadonna; a spoiled petulant child who tantrums when he does not get his way.  Also, his act is tempered because he knows the cameras are on him all the time.  I can't imagine how much of a bully he is when he knows they are off.

    Well, my 2¢...  I expect the "Tiger's Jock-strap" team to start the flames.

  • mrboo United States
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    Sat, Sep 12 2009 2:50 PM

    I'll go ahead and add the BMW to my previous list of Tiger's wins. Hell let's give him the Fedex too.

    As for his sportsmanship.... He has a competitive nature, a lot of people do. So it is, and so it will always be. I actually like it. That focus, determination, and vigor serves him well, and is the same as what I try to live up to on the course or at the local billiard parlor. It comes in all different shapes and forms, everyone expresses themselves differently in every walk of life. I don't think he should be ridiculed for being himself. He is not rude to other players, and has very good etiquette towards the course and competitors. So he doesn't high five fans...who gives a fluck, he keeps his head down and does his job. This is his career, not just another day on the course. boohoo sniffle sniffle...if you don't like it, don't watch it. Cuz he's gonna be in the spotlight for some time to come.

  • Soulcatcher Canada
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    Sat, Sep 12 2009 3:14 PM

    I am not disputing Tigers skill. I also have no comment on the steriod thing. 

    All I can say is I have played with people that throw clubs and make scenes on the course. I don't play with those people anymore.

    There is no place in this game for that kind of behaviour.

    It is selfish in any sport.