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Feb Match Play Tournament

Mon, Mar 2 2009 11:18 AM (79 replies)
  • Abak
    62 Posts
    Thu, Jan 22 2009 7:02 AM

     Thanks Nivlac, I'm in and I hope no business trip will make me missing this event......


  • nivlac
    2,188 Posts
    Thu, Jan 22 2009 7:48 AM

    No, don't thank me. :)

    I need to thank you guys immensely for your participation and your support.  It really goes a long way.  Thanks for the feedback on the entry form as well.  I'll be taking your considerations and suggestions to heart.  There have been some really good ones so far.

    Just remember there's certain things I can't do anything about.  One request was to include a driving range.  I'd love too but,  that kinda stuff is mostly beyond my control. :)

    28 signups in the first 24 hours.   Let's keep it up! :D

  • average
    11 Posts
    Thu, Jan 22 2009 10:39 AM

     im in reguardless.i had fun in last months.i met new people.i dont see any problem....

  • marioh
    1,055 Posts
    Thu, Jan 22 2009 4:19 PM

    I'm in, of course.   I enjoy these tournaments and the chance to play  with people I normally would never have had the chance to play with/against.

    Thanks for setting this up nivlac!  

  • dankdave
    4 Posts
    Thu, Jan 22 2009 8:06 PM

    i am in and looking forward to it. thanks

  • Costain
    28 Posts
    Fri, Jan 23 2009 6:50 PM

    Well, I suppose it would be alright to make my return to WGT. I have been lowering my stress level by relaxing, and getting homework in on time and what not. Since the last time I played was pretty much the December stroke play, I figured this would be an appropriate re appearance. I am indeed in, but am definitely an underdog.

  • thiagovbastos
    2 Posts
    Sat, Jan 24 2009 4:52 AM

     Hey, I would love to play this one.

    Congratulations on the job well done

  • nivlac
    2,188 Posts
    Sat, Jan 24 2009 12:26 PM

    Updated the OP (original post) with some new information.  Please have a look. :)

    49 signups so far and still a week to go!  Get in while you still can!  Sign up link is on the first page!

  • ncviz
    527 Posts
    Sat, Jan 24 2009 7:15 PM

     Hey Nivlac,

    Don't take this the wrong way, it's really just an observation. But as far as the rules of the tourney goes, it seems like you might want them set before the signup begins. Some people may not like the changes, but have already signed up to play.

  • nivlac
    2,188 Posts
    Sat, Jan 24 2009 10:13 PM

    You are correct Viz and I do apologize to everyone for being tardy in getting the rules up on the front page.  In the initial excitement I managed to overlook that.  I first brought up the flight idea in this thread.  I've had to alter that initial setup slightly in order to accomodate the requests for longer match times, the sheer amount of people who have entered and while still trying to keep the event's duration under 28 days.

    There will still be large tournaments every couple of months, however judging by the current rate of expansion it may take us 2 months to complete the next full sized tourney while still giving everyone ample time to play.  In that same thread above I dropped the idea of using the WGT Weeklies as a sort of qualifier for the large tourneys to help limit the field.  I'm still kicking ideas around and looking for feedback on that if you have any thoughts.

    Going forward I'll do my best to get everything on the table immediately and keep the surprises to a minimum.  Truth be told, I've never organized an event this big and sometimes things pop up that I don't anticipate.  Please bear with me, I'm still learning the ropes. :)