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Feb Match Play Tournament

Mon, Mar 2 2009 11:18 AM (79 replies)
  • nivlac
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    Wed, Jan 21 2009 8:15 AM

    DISCLAIMER:  This tournament is NOT sponsored by the World Golf Tour.  This is a community sponsored tournament for fun, friends and camaraderie.  Aside from bragging rights, there are no prizes.


    Final brackets updated as of 1:59PM EST on 03/02.

    Championship FlightTour Pro FlightProfessional FlightSemi-Pro FlightAmateur Flight, and  Open Flight.

    or if you're having trouble reaching those links, then try these mirrors:

    Championship FlightTour Pro FlightProfessional FlightSemi-Pro FlightAmateur Flight, and  Open Flight.

    Championship week matches are now nearly complete.  Only two 3rd place matches still remain and those are due to some scheduling issues.  Waiting out the results is not a problem.  Congratulations to all of February's winners!

    - Championship Flight winner, ncviz!

    - Runner-Up: iconian

    - 3rd Place: gitthe

    - Tour Pro Flight winner, wags66!

    - Runner-Up: schanck11

    - 3rd Place: seveking

    - Professional Flight winner, marioh!

    - Runner-Up: scooterAzzkikr

    - 3rd Place: RobNJ

    - Semi-Pro Flight winner, dacsyr1!

    - Runner-Up: WVMountaineer

    - 3rd Place: TBD

    - Amateur Flight winner, sas17!

    - Runner-Up: arjunsondhi

    - 3rd Place: TBD

    - Open Flight winner, werty!

    - Runner-Up: 2003Peterbilt

    - 3rd Place: NBrenner

    Send your congrats to the winners by clicking on their names above!

    Final results are due by 11:59PM EST on Saturday, February 28th!!


    Tournament Rules

    This is not a stroke play tournament!!  All matches will be played and scored in accordance with the official USGA Match Play Rules.  If you're not sure, ask questions now! Don't wait until you are on the 2nd hole of your first match!

    Rounds 1 & 2 will be 9 holes (front 9) in length. 

    The Semifinal and Final rounds will be 18 holes (front 9 played twice) in length.

    To keep with tradition, the #1 seed in the Championship Flight will be the winner of the January Match Play Tournament, regardless of his/her scoring average.  The remainder of the Championship Flight and all other flights will be filled & seeded based upon your scoring average as of 12:01AM EST on February 1st.

    The higher ranked seed (#1, #2 etc) will invite the lower ranked seed to the match. 


    If the match is tied after the designated match length (9 or 18 holes), then play must resume on Hole #1 with the player who won the final hole inviting the player who lost.  If the final hole was tied, then the player who teed off first on the final hole will send the invite to resume play.  Play will continue as long as it takes until one player wins a hole and the match ends immediately.


    If players are disconnected during the match then every effort should be made to continue at the point of disconnect.  If possible, return to the approximate positions you were in and resume counting strokes manually once you get there.  You may not improve your lie.  If you disconnected in the bunker, you must return to the bunker.  Only if both players agree may play be restarted from the tee of the hole you were on when disconnected.  In that case, you'll need to start again and resume the match scoring on the appropriate tee.  In other words, if you agree to resume on #5 then just play the first 4 holes again for fun and pick up the match on the 5th tee.

    Playing Matches Early

    For the sake of scheduling, you may complete your next match prior to the start of the round.  However, out of respect for other players, please do not post or discuss your match results until the actual start date for that round.


    All disputes will be settled by the tournament director (me) and those decisions, including disqualifications are final.  Since the point of this tournament is fun, I will be very dissapointed in both parties involved if I have to settle any issues. It could also jeopardize your eligibility for future events.  Aside from a scheduling problem or a player gone missing there is nothing that should ever need to be brought to my attention.  We're all adults here and I expect us all to act accordingly.  Don't get so caught up in the tournament that you forget why we're doing it in the first place.


    Championship week is underway!

    Winners should report the results of their match HERE

    Simplified Match Play Scoring Rules: CLICK HERE

    View the raw tournament data HERE

    View the February rankings HERE

  • seveking
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    Wed, Jan 21 2009 8:55 AM

     Nivlac, we can't see (or, at least, I can't) the entry list. I think it's probably because, once you've got the spreadsheet ready, you need to click on SHARE (top right hand corner), then click on WITH THE WORLD, and then click on SHARE WITHOUT SIGNING IN.

    This happenned to me the first time I tried to use the spreadsheets, so I suppose this is what happenned to you too.   

    Incidently, I've signed up.

  • nivlac
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    Wed, Jan 21 2009 9:07 AM

    Ah ok, thanks.  Let me fix that real quick.

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    Wed, Jan 21 2009 5:25 PM

     Hi tibbets & nivlac, you both have strong opinions and that is fine here in the forums, but please refrain from personal attacks, including following each other's posts for the purpose of attacking each other and quoting the other person’s remarks. We will delete posts of this nature. We hope you understand, and thanks for your cooperation. 

    We greatly appreciate both your positive contributions to the game and forum. We also encourage people to organize their own competitions as long as it is made clear it is not WGT sponsored. 

    We wish you both greens and fairways!

  • jr6721
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    Wed, Jan 21 2009 6:34 PM

     I am in let the games begin