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Tech Help Needed - Problem with full screen.

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Tue, Mar 5 2024 1:23 PM (7 replies)
  • BongoHerbert
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    Tue, Feb 27 2024 2:22 PM

    I have a WGT problem on my laptop that hasn't gone away.

    When I click on the WGT icon I get the normal update screen with the word PLAY on it. When I click PLAY instead of the full screen I get just a very small bar.

    It appears that other people have had the same problem but all the usual fixes haven't fixed mine.

    Any help welcome.


  • ScottHope
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    Wed, Feb 28 2024 12:31 AM

    If you are a Windows man Bongo, try my usual fix..

    WGT Reset

    ⇩ EDIT : Okay Bongo, cheers. ⇩

  • BongoHerbert
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    Wed, Feb 28 2024 1:32 AM

    Many thanks, Scott. I'll give that a go today and get back to you.


    PS. Yes, I'm using Windows.

  • GBPiano
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    Thu, Feb 29 2024 5:50 PM

    On WGT Home Page in Chrome or Windows Browser, Press PLAY NOW tab to open Game pop up window.

    See bottom right of screen GEAR WHEEL.

    TAP and SETTINGS opens.

    At top left see VIDEO.

    DISPLAY. Tap left arrow until you see FULL SCREEN.

    At bottom right, tap APPLY CHANGES, then SAVE AND CLOSE tab.

    Restores screen.


  • BongoHerbert
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    Fri, Mar 1 2024 3:02 AM

    Thanks GBPiano.

    I'm beginning to suspect the problem is not with the WGT screen but my laptop settings.


  • ScottHope
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    Mon, Mar 4 2024 5:19 AM

    Can you post a screenshot of the issue, Bongo?

  • FlashHood
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    Tue, Mar 5 2024 7:08 AM

    Hi Scott, I just happened upon your name while searching how to fix a problem with my game. At first when I tried launching the game, an error message appeared stating "golf.exe does not exist". On reading your tips on the WGT forums I done the full reinstall, rebooted the pc and hey presto the game started to launch without any error message. But unfortunately it will not fully load, just a large window with the music playing in the background. I can send screenshot if that would help, not sure how to email it to you on here though. If you have any ideas on how to help I would be most grateful, at my wits end at this stage.

    All the best, Robbie Mahon



  • ScottHope
    10,093 Posts
    Tue, Mar 5 2024 1:23 PM

    Sent you a friend request Robbie.